Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Firenze: For Ann Marie

She came one day
A little baby goat.
So sweet and beautiful
Joy filled a noble heart.

Many days passed
watching the precious critter grow.
Firenze was her name.
She played among the fields.

Pride filled that gentle heart,
Of Ann who we hold so dear.
What love she had for Firenze,
A goat that was unlike any other.

Then the dark day came.
A freak incident it was.
The life of sweet Firenze
was cut off before it even began.

If only Ann knew,
As her tears flow freely.
That little Firenze rests,
In the arms of an angel.

Gently carried up to Heaven
To play with her Maker.
She runs among the lilies,
Forever safe and happy.

I know you mourn
my dear friend Ann.
But I believe with all my heart,
That animals do go to Heaven.

Here is a hug for you.
Use it as you need it.
Here is my shoulder to cry on.
Until your tears subside.

We all will remember,
Your tales of sweet Firenze.
A truly delightful goat,
Who brought a smile to your heart.

Beautiful art done by our very own Aquila Felis. Posted by permission exclusively for Ann Marie, Leona, and family in honor of little Firenze. Thank you Aquila for this exquisite portrait of a beloved goat.


  1. Kallista, there are really not words for how lovely you are.

    This is beautiful, and comforting. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Ann.
    For some reason my poems are not being set up as I had written them out. :/
    But I am glad you are comforted.
    *gives out more hugs*

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  4. *opens mouth, trying to say something*

    *closes it*

    *headdesk headdesk headdesk*

  5. Aww... that's the best way to describe it.


  6. Amazing poem, Kallista. Sad and very beautiful.

  7. A true poet.

    You have reached the standard of octa, far above me and many others.

    Incredible poem Kallista…

    Just incredible…

  8. *hugs Aquila* That's a beautiful picture of her. Thank you.

  9. That's amazing, Kallista and Aquila. You guys are so incredibly kind...

    I'm so sorry, Ann Marie...