Monday, 20 June 2011

Love and Loss

Once the light of your eyes,
I am now cast aside.
Replaced by one who is new.
Your love for her is inspirational.

Yet you won’t let me go.
You keep me around.
To sit in the shadows
and watch you romance her.

Your favor she now has,
She is cast in your stories.
I am forgotten, left waiting,
for the smile and the occasional glance.

My glory has faded
It was brought on by you.
I am a relic in the past
Yet held prisoner to your will.

How I long to be free,
to travel elsewhere.
To be happy too
Instead of only viewing
from beneath your feet.


  1. *sniffles slightly*

    T-That's saaaaaaaad...

  2. That's really sad... I hope that didn't happen to you... :(

  3. ~Hugs her as I bawl~
    T-t-that's so saaaaaaad! It's so perfectly written into such a s-sad poem!!!! It's despairingly beautifuuuuuul!!!!