Thursday, 16 June 2011

Roses for Ann Marie

Silently she stood on the hill,
Overlooking at her childhood home.
So many memories she had left there
Before embarking on her own.

Unbeknownst to her
as she drifted through her thoughts,
were a pair of heavenly eyes
watching her from above.
A woman now grown
with a family of her own
Took great care of God’s world
and the people she met.
With one faithful husband
who stood at her side,
And two lovely daughters,
The light of her eyes.
She took care of goats,
dogs, horses and chickens.
A couple of cats ,
Her constant companions.
It may seem small
what dear Ann Marie could do
But in the eyes of the angel
she was mighty in heart.
Time and time again,
she would mend broken fences
Skinned knees and broken hearts.
Not just for family, but for strangers alike.
A few weird people she met
and though their faces she did not see
She offered up kindness, fairness and equality.
Wisdom like hers does not come everyday
It’s a treasure to be taken carefully.
And so the angel inquired above
As to what gift he could give
To this dear one so loved.
Her worth beyond that of gold.
It was not much for a woman so rare
But what she found when she returned to her home
Was a field of roses that had not been there before.
A blooming array of every color,
Red, yellow, pink, white and purple too.
The delightful fragrances
drifted through the air,
of each brilliant bloom
that was planted there.
For every rose that graced the field,
represented the pureness then kindness
of Ann Marie’s priceless soul.
A large field of roses may seem small
For such a life like that of Ann Marie
Who’s light shines in the darkness of strangers
And makes a way for friendships with laughter.
On this side of heaven
Where such people are rare
A field of roses pale
Beside the true beauty of Ann Marie.
But the angel fervently hopes,
and I do too.
That Ann Marie will be encouraged
by this small gift of favor
And continue to light up
the darkness with her love.



  2. Incredible poem Kallista!

    Really sums up Ann's kindness.


    (if that makes any sense)

  3. That's great Kal!

    Pyro, it does make sense!

  4. Oh Kallista, I'm crying right now. This is really beautiful, and very, very kind of you.

    *hugs tight* Thank you. You really think much too highly of me.


  5. Oh my goodness! Epica poem! It describes Ann so perfectly!

    Amazing Kallista!

    Just WOW!

  6. Awww, shucks Ann!
    *looks down bashfully*
    It's been on my heart to write for a while. I could not get it just how I wanted it on here for some reason. It was strange.
    So I'm grateful and relieved that you and my other dear friends liked it.
    *hugs Ann*

    Thank you my friends who read this poem. :) I could not have written it if I had not been inspired by each of you and learned by some of the very best poets I have ever known.
    and Tristessa
    are just some of the few with wonderful poems who have given me courage to write my own.

  7. AWESOME KAL! This poem really sums up Ann :)

  8. wow! thats awesome :)

    "a few wierd people she met..." so describes us ;)

  9. Beautiful poem Kallista :) So true to Ann. She is such a wonderful person.

  10. that inspiring way. Makes you want to be the best you can be, give everything for everyone else. It shines on Ann perfectly.

  11. that really describes Ann! Ann is like....near perfect, she really deserves that, fair play of ya Kallista!