Monday, 18 July 2011

Eden Eternal

A heaven on earth,
A garden to be in,
A home in the hearth,
For things with legs or fins.

Then there were the animals,
Then there were the humans,
It was like a carnival,
Just without the stands.

But there came along the fruit,
The fruit expressively forbidden.
And the snake that tempted with loot,
That got us all banished from Eden.

So the angle now guards paradise, that paradise in hell,
And one day, we can all return, to the Eden Eternal.

A poem written by Blood Butterflies and posted with permisson.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kal! sorry for everything, but I have another poem XD

    High-Flying Dreams

    Curl up, pull your legs to your chest.
    Feel the spiteful wind weave through your tattered vest.
    But close your eyes and dream away,
    for cold, cold winds subside in May.
    And when you dream, dream of me,
    Dream that we're always meant to be.
    And dream of flying past the stars,
    on silver wings and not in cars.
    Think of oceans and the open sky;
    your imagination was always meant to fly.
    Dream of the comfort, warmth and love,
    Soft and gentle as a dove.
    Dream of things you love and hold,
    Think like that and you'll never grow old.
    And the small smile that spreads across your face
    Could beat back just about every mace.
    But all too soon the shots ring out,
    And everything starts to burn about.
    Your high-flying dream runs away again
    Just like people on a bullet train.