Monday, 11 July 2011

Facing The Giants

There are giants in life
who are looking for me.
Several have found the place
where I have been hiding.

I don’t know how they discovered
the vicinity where I hid in fear.
But I always ended up crushed
beneath their giant feet.

Laughing, the giants would leave,
my guts crushed all around.
Friends and family ignored me
as I staggered back up, gasping for air.

Getting back up is important.
Even if one is knocked down by a giant.
Sometimes it takes awhile to stand.
It helps if a caring soul is near.

Yet what do you do,
when you are left alone?
No one cares
as you lie bleeding there.

Take your time I say.
Let yourself rest.
When healing comes
You will be ready to prevail.

Take note of those who deserted you
in your time of need.
Go find better people
And leave the others behind.

Make sure you never cast
pearls before swine.
So next time when the giants come,
you won’t be deserted like me


  1. *goes giant hunting with a really, REALLY big stick*

  2. Very sweet poem Kallista.

    *snags the metal flashlight from her kitchen and follows Mar*

  3. Aw!
    ~hugs Kallista~
    That was awesome-sauce! I love how you wrote it! :D That's really what amazes me most about you poets! You're so creative! I love it!

  4. *sends a fearsome goat to defend you from giants*

  5. *hugs Kallista*

    This poem is so deep and moving and beautiful.

    *sends my love and friendship to be a shield from the giants*