Thursday, 7 July 2011

For Aquila

She came one day from Germany,
a land of beauty and culture.
She extended her hand of camaraderie
To all those who were around her.

With a gentle smile she blesses us,
her cunning and intelligence inspires.
Grace goes before her
and friendships follow after.

A soul that seeks and longs for peace,
our Aquila is often troubled
by the senseless brutality and suffering
of those who should know better.

If only a more just world could be
for our Aquila to enjoy.
She could rest and savor all of life’s joys
with her friends right by her side.

Bravely she journeys on,
moving past many hurts and disappointments.
Stay strong dear Aquila!.
Be resilient, brave, and true.

It will come, that day when all
her dreams will bear fruit!
No longer will she have to be
all alone to face the darkness.

But for now when she seeks
yet finds no peace around.
Into the forest she ventures.
Solitude and tranquility she desires.

There will she find it,
while sitting on a rock.
Posed like a queen,
surrounded by majestic trees.

Slowly they come near,
the animals of the woods.
Unafraid they befriend her,
The fox, eagle, and cat.

From them she sees the hope
that the Virtuous will rise again.
Peace and happiness will be hers,
To be shared with those she loves.


  1. This is a REALLY awesome poem Kallista, it's full of emotion and I can nearly picture what you're saying in my head. Love it. Write more, please!

  2. Amazing Kallista! Perfect. I know Aquila will love it.


  3. Being post for words is becoming far too common a habit for me.

    This poem is more awesomesauce incarnate than I can describe!


  4. Brilliant, once again. You paint amazing portraits with these.

    Well done!

  6. Your poetry is absolutely brilliant. You're a fantastic poet.

    Aquila's going to love it!