Friday, 15 July 2011

A Poem by Blood Butterflies (Tessa)

A Poem to be read out to an audience

5a.m, you lie awake,
Think back to your beloved family.
Do you reminiscence in destruction’s wake?
Would you miss your wife, your Emily?

Your gun! Your gun,
Hold her tender as you would your pride.
You could come here just for some fun,
Or you could come here to fix the strife.

Screaming bombshells dive recklessly
Just outside my tent
Help me, tell my family,
Tell them soon I went.

And as you finally close your eyes to the destruction of this war.
But behind your eyelids, instead of rest, a gaping, bloody, maw.

*Poem written by Blood Butterflies (Tessa) and posted with her permission.

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