Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Purple Poet

The day was already so clear and so bright
as I spent time with friends so dear.
Then you came along, a gift unexpected.
A light lit up my heart, setting you apart.

Even before our greeting had ended
I knew you were extraordinary.
There was a magic in your presence
That touched me from across the world.

In eagerness I sought you
and felt my mind enlightened.
Your words touched my soul
And laughter flowed more freely.

Purple is the color that spilled forth
dazzling the eyes of my heart.
It flared into brilliance every time you came by.
A kindred spirit who danced with me.

Your light draws others toward you.
Words of poetry flow from your lips,
delighting our senses and inspiring,
binding us together with a ribbon of purple.

Purple is the color of the magic
That flows from you and surrounds us all.
Is it any wonder that I fell so hard
yet am swept up by your love.

Laughter, strength, and compassion
wrapped up with a gift so rare.
You are our Purple Poet, pure and true.
My treasure, you have my heart.

You are like a star from the heavens
Shining down on the earth below.
Even when other stars join you.
You light gives off the brightest glow.

This is the first of many poems for Octa. (I hope)
Even though he "lost" the duel, I feel he derserves a poem.

I hope you will check out his extrodinary poems and stories on his two epic blogs.


  1. :D that's lovely as always Kallista ^^ I'm sure Octa will love this ^^ I like the new verse you added

  2. Amazing Kallista! Truly a beautiful poem. I know Octa will love it!

  3. Awesome Kallista!!! Octa will totally love it!! So great. :D

  4. EPICA!!!

    This is a stunning poem Kallista, it utterly captures the spark that Octa brought to our little world!

    *asks in a small voice*

    Can I have a poem too?


  5. Thank you Pyro. :D

    Wow! I am honored you would ask me to write you a poem. I don't think I can do poems as Octa can, but I will tell you that I have already been inspired to write a few more poems for several more people, including you.

  6. Yay!!!

    And I am, truly, the one who is honoured. Thankyou greatly.

    ( -.-)

  7. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry I haven't been on for a while but my laptop keeps blaverhavening.

    Anyway this poem is so magical! It's perfect! I love it so much!!!!

    Especially the last verse.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


    *hugs Kallista and forgets to let go*

  8. This poem is absolutely brilliant and amazing and inspired me to write one of my own! A fantabulous job Kallista, and it IS completely worthy of Octa, no matter how much you may doubt it. It portrays him perfectly. Congratulations on such an excellent poem!