Friday, 23 September 2011

Hellboy's Poem

I’m not really a rhyming person,
So I wouldn’t know what to do,
If I was given a pen and pad
And told to rhyme for you.

My best chance with poems
Is to have abstract lines
With susurrus
Or bowdlerize
Making sure it doesn’t rhyme.

Because ever since year five,
My rhyming skills have dropped
As I really don’t see the point
Of choosing rhyming to adopt.

What’s the use
Of joining words
With the same ending or sound?
What the hell
Could I try
To reach a common ground?

Would it even matter, really?
If I didn’t rhyme every once in a few
There isn’t actually anything wrong with it;
Me not writing a rhyming poem for you.

And so you see, I think I’ve finally come to an end,
Of my horrible, rhyming years,
Now it’s obvious to see that I tend
To write in lines that coheres
And do not rhyme, at all.

Ha-ha, that’s right.
There’ll be no more rhyming on this, um…day…

…And so, I’m not here to rhyme anymore.
That’s always, really, been a…um…

Just leave me alone, rhymes;
Let me be.
I’d hate to spin around forever like a b-

Stuff this, I’m just going to hit post *click*

*This epica Poem was written by Hellboy and posted on here with his permission.


  1. I love your poem Hellboy!
    You are so awesome!

    *mind explodes at Hellboy's epicness*

    *whispers* WRITE MOAR!!!!

  2. Love the poem Hellboy.

    It made me laugh. It had this witty air to it that amused me.

    Moar poems!

  3. :D awesomeshizzle!

    *hears the deafening cry of MOAR! MOAR! in the distance*

  4. LOL, Hellboy, that's just awesome-sauce! xD
    I LOVED it!
    I think you're rhyming days are not over, rather they've just begun!
    I certainly hope so, anyway :D

  5. Cheers guys xD I don't want to say that it's the last poem I'll be doing here (alps my first...) because they'll be some occasion at some point in the future which I'll want to write a poem about...I just know it...

    The point is: while I'm ok at writing stories, I am actually no longer capable of writing poems without cliches. Sorry, just am :)