Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mother Dearest.

I look upon her with love,
my silly heart wide open.
Whatever she does, whatever she says
is perfect, righteous, and wise.

My mother I look too for hugs,
With glowing eyes I see
how compassionate she is with others
But why is there none for me?

I am hurt, discarded,
and treated without care,
by friends, siblings and enemies.
But when I run to my mother,
She looks the other way.

It seems she is too busy
with more important stuff.
Then when my heart is injured
and my tormenters shred me apart.

So I sit alone and try to figure out,
how to handle tough situations
while my heart aches with every beat
and tears come pouring down my face.

Each year as I grow older
I try my very best,
to do what is right and good
so I can hear a kind word.

But it never comes
Somehow I’m overlooked.
By my mom, by my dad.
It’s a very lonely world.

Sometimes she shouts at me
and I am just so confused.
Does she really think I’m that bad?
Why does she despise me so much?

To discover what she thinks of me
leaves me traumatized and disconcerted.
I began to loathe myself
and believe that she are right.

My efforts to do well are wasted.
I need help with my homework.
But alone I sit in the kitchen,
overwhelmed by the problems before me.

No one seems to notice
and no one seems to care,
about a stupid little girl
who wears her heart on her sleeve

Into a shell I go and hide,
to protect myself from further harm
I take each day and struggle
how to survive and press on.


  1. I care Kal *hugs*
    That is an amazing poem... I know I say that about ALL your poems but that is because they are!! You are a talented poet!!

  2. *hugs Kallista*

    This is a beautiful, sad poem, my dear.

    *hugs again*

  3. This is a brilliant poem my dear. Such tragic beauty.


    You are so talented!

  4. *hugs x infinity*

    beautiful like ice