Saturday, 3 September 2011

She is Gone

I scream with rage at the fury of the storm
that threatens to overtake my very soul.
With my last dying breath
I curse the girl that I once was.
So was stupid and so naive.

A last burst of pain
to end the years of agony.
Blackness meets me
with wide open jaws.
One last scream and I’m gone.

I wake up as a beast of hate
No longer human, no longer alive.
With appearance changed to one of horror,
I plague the ones who deserted me.
No longer alone, I am hunted by men.

Kill the monster the multitudes cry!
Escaping their wrath I try to hide,
snarling with hatred thirsting for revenge.
But there is one who I focus on instead.
I see him standing tall among the crowd.

He seems to be silent, not shouting at me.
His eyes speak volumes, anxious and pleading.
A rekindling of a heart I thought was dead
For even in my darkness, my heart recognized him.
Calming my rage I let him approach.

Standing still before each other.
One is pure and beautiful.
The other a monster, ugly and vile.
What can this angel of men do?
Is it possible this beast can still live?

But the crowd of men surge forward,
pushing the young man away.
They won’t let the monster that I am,
take another life ever again.
Bullets pierce my hideous frame.

Despite the beating that I receive,
I howl and scream a protest to late.
With his name now clear on my twisted heart
I lie there once again ravaged by men.
It is to late my love, I am far to gone.


  1. Angel

    Bright, a halo around that dark head.
    Bright, how can something so beautiful be dead?
    Soft, the wings that flit and flutter.
    Soft, how can those wings melt like butter?
    Deep down inside you you know who you are.
    Shout it out loud and those thoughts will run far.
    Believe in yourself and never let it die.
    For if you you do the whole world will cry.
    Snap out of it! the poem I write,
    is for you and you alone in this night.
    Creatures of darkness will flee by your light,
    and let it out! It represents your might.
    Is your heart torn to shreds?
    We'll put it back, no need to fret.
    We'll restore your love within you,
    Respect, integrity, everything too.
    a paper will not hold a fire.
    Instead, make music with your beautiful lyre.

  2. That was such horrible, beautiful poem, Kal. All of your poems are amazing and works of the greatest art.
    We'll be here for you always.
    BB's poem is truth.

  3. *hugs Kallista*

    We love you. Tessa's poem said it all.

  4. *hugs*

    There is a beast in all of us, and in our lives, we will meet the one who understands. The crowd doesn't matter if someone can see the truth.

  5. *hugs Kallista*

    We're always here for you.

    You are not vile or monsterous but just as great as the angel.

    Beautiful moving poem.