Saturday, 3 September 2011

You Should Have Known Better

You should have known better. Whatever.
Those were the words I heard.
After a night of crying,
my heart hurting and bleeding
I changed my name to escape the pain
of a family who didn’t care.
But crawling back to the place,
where I once had found solace and peace.
Coldness met me there.
With it’s ice cold stare and
found me guilty of the crime.
You of all people should have known better
Then to change your name to what you want.
Those were the words I heard, coming from the queen.
I pleaded while bleeding, that I forgot.
So distressed was I, my mind was lost.
Whatever was the answer I got.
A cold shoulder the remainder of my time.
So I gathered up the pieces
before an unyielding righteousness
Who’s measure I’ll never add up.


  1. *cries*

    Thatsflippin brilliant..

    *sobs* So whats the word.. damn of all imes I forget a No..

    Anyway, this poem is just so..true...

    *hugs Kal* Some people write poems and songs about their lives...I...I hope this isn't one of those times...

    OH dear Im such a bad commenter, and I do far to much I should keep my mouth shut... Sorry! *hugs*

  2. *hugs Kallista*

    My dear, you are such an amazing poet. Even if it's sad and dark, this poem is still beautiful. I hope things get brighter for you, I really do, because you're such an amazing and wonderful person.

    *hugs again*

  3. Kal that poem was amazing...
    I don't know how to describe it!!
    The poem is Beautiful!!
    I love it!!

  4. Ah, I'm sorry. *holds you tight*

    Amazing poem, though.

  5. *is having stabby thoughts*

    i need a sword.

  6. Wow! Seriously, Kallista, that's an AMAZING poem!
    It's REALLY brilliant.

    Don't forget you have us, kay? :] ~Hugs~

  7. Such an awesome poem.

    Written by an exceptionally gifted writer.

    We'll always be here and we'll always greet you with open arms.


  8. wow...I love this because I love you, and you're an amazing writer. But I hate it too. I hate so much that someone is causing you all this pain. Reading this and all your other poems, I want to simultaneously punch someone and cry. It's totally a tribute to what an awesomeballs writer you are that you can get that much emotion from a poem. *hugs*

  9. *hugs Kallista*

    That poem is dark and terrible yet also beautiful and wonderful because it was written by you, my dear.

    This made me cry. Exceptional poem by an exceptional writer.