Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Legend of Lizzy

The Legend of Lizzy

With a clever gleam in her eye
A secret smile on her lips
A pink rifle in her arms
Lizzy comes walking into our midst.

A leader unparalleled
She guides with conviction
With a style all her own
And a kickass tactic.

Sometimes coy, sweeter then honey
she dances in circles around the unwary
wrapped in a cloak of cleverness
inviting friends to join into her game.

Spicy as a hot tamale
Life with Lizzy is never dreary
Full of vivacity and full of color
Life with Lizzy is like a fiesta.

Some days you will find her there
Over yonder in a field of green
With her trusty rifle, The Pink
Always hitting her mark with ease.

Other days the brilliance shines
As new works of art are fashioned
A drawing, a story, or a new piece of clothing
All are extraordinary, done by the hand of a Master.

A strong friend in times of trial
she comforts, hugs and cheers
Never turning away from a sister in need
Honor bound and loyal, more precious then gold.

Spicy and sweet, she is our Lizzy
A treasure rare and delightful
Come one! Come all and share
in the celebration of a life most perfect.

LIZZY! You are a legend and we salute you!
Happy birthday my dear friend!
I pray that you will have a year full of good health, happiness, and wonderful things!


  1. Amazingly awesome!

    *hugs Kal*

    A truly epica birthday present for Lizzy!

    I love it! Wonderful poem!

  2. My face hurts I'm grinning so hard :DDDDDDDDDDD Thank you so so much Kal! *super mega uber hugs to the max* Aww, I tear up a little bit :') This is so fantastic! <3 Best birthday present ev-ar!

  3. Brilliant poem!

    *hugs Lizzy and Kal*

    It totally fits Lizzy!