Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Across the sky in a blaze of glory
a brilliant girl outraces a star.
Laughter on her lips, a twinkle in lovely eyes.
Here comes Skyril, dancing into our midst.

She brings with her the scent of freedom
mixed with a heavy dose of jubilation.
From ruby lips peculiar wondrous words
pour out like a crystal clear fountain.

Like a splash of cool refreshing water,
her friendship heals the burdens
of an old broken soul, crushed beyond all caring
restoring it to something of hope, beautiful and of value.

POKELICIOUS is her favorite greeting
making spirits rise.
Together with the ones who adore her
She led our imaginations into new heights.

Ideas like a burning flame
would spring up in her splendid mind.
Growing, flaming into a genius explosion
pointing others down the path of a dream.

Because of this one bright star, our Skyril.
We all gain strength together.
To mold our craft, improve and delight
Encouraging us to better.

Till the day our dreams become a reality
She will be there to push and to lead us on.
And one day we will be rewarded
with our work finally recognized.

But our true dream was always there.
Having a jewel for a friend. Yes, Skyril is her name.
A comrade that is true and lives life with passion
Engaging others to unite in the bright spirit of friendship.


  1. First comment! Woo!

    This is brilliant Kal! *hugs* you did a great job and I really like the kinda picture it paints in your mind. It's a rather sparkly picture for me ^^

    Fantastic work! :D

  2. ~cries~
    Oh, Kallista, this is so beautiful!!
    ~Hugs forever~
    I can't thank you enough for something so amazing! I loved it. I loved it.
    It's too fantastic for me!
    AH! ~Hugs some more~

  3. *hugs Kal*

    This is so amazing for an amazing person.

    Wonderfully written.


    Love it!

  4. *hugs Kallista and Skyril*

    Fantastic. Wonderful. Beautiful.

    I love this poem. It describes Skyril so well.