Monday, 10 October 2011

War of the Heart

Steel blue eyes lock gazes
with the soft blue ones of a fragile girl.
Standing tall before her
is the military woman of might.
Beautiful in a masculine way,
she more gentlemanly then any other can be
except to the girl who now stands before her.
You are no longer wanted.
You are no longer needed.
Hush now and disappear.
The beauty of the fragile girl fades
 underneath the cascade of tears.
Buy why must I leave?
Why can’t I be loved too?
You gave your heart
to one who proved false.
His promises broken,
just like our soul.
Now you are no longer even
given the honor of second place
like the one who took your position.
He who once spoke tenderly to you
now spares you not even a glance when you fall.
No one will protect you.
Now leave before we both die!
Anguished screams of loss
erupts from the fragile child
 as she turns to flee
down long corridors filled
with shadows and memories.
The military woman turns her back
just like everyone else.
The girl’s fate is set. Forever lost,
 in a world of loss and dark.
She will never be found.
It is better this way.
The military woman says softly.
We almost died because of her.
Now the heart belongs to me only.
No man will claim it so easily next time.
No man of weakness
will approach me as I am now.
Only one of purple has the means
To unite the fragile girl
and military woman once more.
But for now the girl is lost in tears
And the woman with might rules
With a heart that is now hard and guarded.


  1. Oh Kal! *hugs*

    This is fantastic and amazing and wonderful.

    Just like you. You are a superb fantabulous writer!

    This poem is so deep and plucks on the heart strings.

    I love it and I love you.



  2. This is really really amazing. I've been in that situation, and you described it perfectly! A truly perfect poem.

  3. *hugs Kal*

    Beautiful and sad. Fantastic poem, my dear.

    Oh Kallista, I wish I could be there for you more often. You are always there for me.

    *hugs again*

  4. really deep, kal *hugs forever*
    and cool new name

  5. *hugs kal*
    this is an beautiful poem I love it! It's so deep and amazing, you are a very talented person!!

  6. Amazing. Beautiful and amazing *hugs*

    He was wrong to do such a thing, but we did not. We will still accept you for who you are, whatever you choose to be.

    Keep writing, Trin, never stop.

  7. *forever hugs*

    you are a strong, beautiful person. I'm sorry that you've been hurt like this, just remember that there are loads of people who will love you no matter if you're strong or fragile.

  8. It'll be OK, Kal. We're here for you! And, once again, ANTOHER EPIC POEM OF EPIC EPICNESS IS EPIC! :D You have once again proven your status as an amazing writer! :D

  9. It's so sad and moving. It's an amazing poem Kal, you're such a good writer.
    *hugs* It will get better Kal. Just know that we're here if you need us.

  10. This is amazing kal! fantastic! but so sad! *hugs* I hope you are ok! I'm here for you!