Friday, 11 November 2011

The Birthday Caper

*This is not a poem, I know. But this is a story for Pyro and I wanted it to be oh HIS blog.
Pyro! This one is just for you!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND!

The winds of November swept a cold chill through the sleepy town nipping at the figure of a lone boy. To the mortal eye he appeared like many young teenage boys. Perhaps a bit more distinctive then the others but still nothing out of the ordinary. But for the passing wizard, they saw him for what he was. Even in the magical world, his gifts and appearance were far from ordinary. Tall and thin he had fire for hair. The flames were constant movement of flickering colors. Yet none of the flames ever hurt him.
He was known as Pyro-Dawn Tyromant. The few people he trusted he considered friends. To them only did he ever speak too and allowed them to call him Pyro.
A sound behind him caused him to pause along the dirt pathway. Was that a police siren? Turning he saw in the distance a motorcycle heading his way. Fast. Something about it made him do a double take and he groaned. It was Kallista Pendragon. He could sense it. He facepalmed when he saw what was following her. A whole squadron of police cars with their lights flashing and sirens blazing gave chase.
Sighing he sadly said goodbye to his peace and quiet. It was no use running. She always found him and always brought trouble . Always.
As she drew closer he could see the gleeful expression on her face. It was clear she was having the time of her life. The weirdest things always made her happy. He could not understand it.
Pulling up beside him in a cloud of dust she had just enough time to yank him up behind her, not waiting for his greeting. Then she roared off again guiding the bike in her usual haphazard fashion. Most people would scream in utter terror being a passenger but Pyro took it all in stride.
“So what did you do this time Kal?” He asked somewhat bored.
“Take the handles for a minute.” She shouted back ignoring his question.
Puzzled he did as she asked. Then he was astonished (but should not have been) when she twisted around to give him a hug. In the middle of a chase. With police cars. Lots of police cars.
“It’s so great to see you!” She gushed happily. “I’m so glad I found you!”
“Yeah, me too.” He mumbled, wishing someone could rescue him from Kallie.
She turned back around and took control again. Turning a corner sharply they headed in another direction, the cop cars close behind.
“Do you know where we are going?”
She didn’t appear to care so Pyro dropped it. Instead they sped along the country side and he turned his gaze towards it, imagining what it would be like to be there right now, on that farm instead of on the back of a bike with a girl who drove crazily.
“Oh no.”
“What do you mean oh no.” He asked somewhat alarmed.
“We are coming to the end of the rode.” She answered, gritting her teeth.
“Of course we are.” He cast his eyes to heaven in exasperation.
“OK Pyro! Get ready to fight! We will have to face them!” She shouted dramatically.
Was that some melodramatic music she was humming? He shook his head incredulous and began to speak.
“I’m not going to fight anyone! I don’t do anything wro-”
He was cut off as she skid the bike to a stop and leapt off it. He followed suit landing in a crouch a little behind her. Whirling around she drew up a little of her elemental magic to make the wind blow her hair back for special effect and struck a fierce pose as she faced the countless cop cars screeching to a halt. That is until all the cops stepped out of the vehicles taking position behind their car doors with all guns drawn and pointed it at her.
Shrieking, she dashed to stand behind Pyro.
He stood for a moment bewildered then did a double take as Kallista held up her iphone and took a picture of him.
In the background he could hear the police shouting their usual jargon but all he could
do was stare at his friend wondering if she had butterflies for brains and if they all flew away.
“Hmm..?” She answered distracted as she concentrated on her iphone.
“You just took my picture at a really inappropriate time.”
“It’s for Facebook.” She responded still preoccupied.
“But I don’t have Facebook!” He practically shouted.
She looked up then, her face turning from one who has been caught at something sneaky to shifty. “Umm….Right!”
Shaking his head he turned back and considered his options. There was really only one choice. He could not fight them. They were only mere mortals after all, policemen who helped to keep the law.
Growling he yanked Kallista up and summoned his power to create the meteor around them. In a flash they would gone leaving some very puzzled and freaked out policemen behind.
He didn’t really guide the sphere but let it go in any random direction. Kal pressed against the side of the golden surface of the sphere a wild frightened look in her eyes. Her breath came out in little panicked gasps. Rolling his eyes he turned and waited to land.
When they did land Kallista scrambled away.
“LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!” She cried in relief as she hugged and kissed the ground.
Then she noticed a hoof of an animal in front of her face. Slowly she raised her eyes to look into the face of a raging bull.
Pyro heard her scream as he walked towards the electric fence, a chocolate candy bar in his hands.
A moment later she staggered towards him and reached for the fence.
“I wouldn’t…” He began, but stopped when he saw it was too late.
Kallista let out an odd sort of strangled noise and made even more peculiar jerky movements as bolt after bolt of electricity entered her body.
Wow! That candy bar was delicious! He thought to himself pleasantly surprised.
He noticed a moment later that the electricity seemed to be done with Kallista as she staggered back to her feet. The bulls noticed too and once more begin to chase her.
Kallista ran by screaming and waving her hands wildly in the air.
I wonder what kind of chocolate this is, he thought as he looked at the candy wrapper. It had a fancy wrapping.
Kallista ran by screaming crazily again. The bulls followed and snorted after. Down she went and became part of the ground as the bulls trampled on her.
Oh! It was one of those specialty chocolates. He gave a little laugh. No wonder it was so good!
Kallista was moaning now as she was being dragged across the ground, the one bull having snagged the bottom of her jeans with its horn.
Suddenly she was free and racing towards him with her eyes wide in fright. Dropping before him on her knees she begged him. “Oh please Pyro! Can you take us to Elysium Manor?”
He wished he could take a bit longer to enjoy the moment but the bulls were charging again, heading for Kallista. It would have been funny except he was next to her this time.
Once again he drew up his power and surrounded them with its sphere. In a flash they were gone leaving the bulls behind. Kallista leaned gasping against the side of the meteor.
“Oh! You look terrible, Kallista.” He winced as he looked at her.
Instead of responding she just stared beyond him uncomprehending.
This time he directed the meteor towards Elysium Manor hoping to drop Kal off there, the sooner the better.
Moments later they arrived and landed just outside the ornate gates of the large beautiful mansion.
Shrugging his shoulders Pyro walked through the open gates towards the mansion. Since he was there he might as well grab some food. Kallista scrambled after him but before she could pass through, the gates closed and shut her out.
“Hey! Let me in!” She called out. “Pyro? Wait!”
But Pyro was already entering into the grand foyer.
Out stepped Lucky Jack from behind the giant pillar that the gate was attached too.
Kallista’s eyes followed Lucky’s movements warily.
“You want in?” She asked Kallista coyly.
“Of course I want in!” Kallista responded indignant.
“Well, then” Lucky drawled out, clearly enjoying this. “You will have to do the magic dance.”
“Awww, COME OOOOON!” Kallista wailed.
She sighed frustrated but could see Lucky would not be moved. So finally after a few moments she gave in and begin to do the chicken dance.
Pyro stepped into the expansive elaborate entry way and looked around. No one was around which was surprising. Shrugging he walked on towards the kitchen. Halfway there he paused as he herd a noise. Remembering the fiasco that befell him last time he moved cautiously towards the closed double doors with his twin swords ready. Then with a sudden movement he flung open th e doors and…

In front of him stood all his friends wearing party hats and grinning widely.


“Wow! I don’t know what to say ! “ He responded grinning back and but his weapons away.
“You have to wear your party hat!” Mar sang as she leapt forward with a party hat in hand.
“MAR! WAIT!” A chorus of people rang out. But it was too late.
The festive hat was placed on his head and instantly went up in smoke.
“Oh well.” Mar said after a moment, then brightened. “TIME FOR CAKE!”
Pyro glanced in awe around the room which was decorated with colorful streamers and balloons.. Everyone was singing the Happy Birthday song and sounding quite good too. He did a double take when he noticed Kallista’s face mooshed against the window from the outside. She mouthed something to him and breathed on the window then wrote on it. Let me in, was the simple message except she spelled even those simple words wrong so it read, Lit mee ni. Sighing he unlatched the window and moved away so she could enter.
“Happy birthday my friend.” She gushed happily, and he let her hug him even though she smelled like bull.
“Hey Kallista!” Leo called to her. “What took you so long? You were suppose to bring him by an hour ago!”
Pyro narrowed his eyes at her. So that was what this had been about!
“Kallista picked up some friends along the way.” He answered for her dryly. “ I am curious though as to HOW you managed to get all those police men angry at you.”
“Police men?” Skyril wrinkled her brow.
Everyone looked to Kallista who turned a bright shade of red.
“Well….er….I uh….um…..saw these cops just sitting there looking bored while eating donuts.” She spoke slowly while looking everywhere except at anybody else. “So I sorta mooned them. One thing led to another and soon I had everyone chasing me!”
Once again Kallista wore a happy pleased expression convinced she had made their day. A whole room full of people rolled their eyes then their attention turned back to Pyro and his birthday.
Israel walked in from the kitchen carrying the tripled layer cake followed by Octaboona as everyone sang another round of the birthday song. Pyro looked happily at the cake when he noticed one of the candles had gone out.
“I can fix this! “ Kallista burst out then darted forward.
She pulled out the candle then held the wick over Pyro’s head until it caught fire. Then quickly she put it back.
Pyro glared at her before turning to his cake.
Quickly he made a wish and wondered if this year it would come true. In the corner piled high against the wall were dozens and dozens of presents all for him. But they could wait. For now it was cake time and time spent with friends.
Someone, he was sure it was Chan, put his violin in his hand and he begin to play the most beautiful music anybody had ever heard. Long into the night everyone laughed and partied as they celebrated a beloved friend on this very special day.
It was the best birthday he could ever remember having. He knew from then on every birthday following would be just as grand and fun as this one for this was his home an d everyone here loved him.


*hugs Pyro*


  1. I love this story, Kal! It's perfect! Something awesome for our awesome Pyro :D

    *hugs Kal and Pyro*

    Happy birthday Pyro!

  2. This is incredible Kal!

    I love this as much as I love fire itself! :D

    Truly outstanding!


  3. Fantastic xDDD

    I loved it! *especially* The melodramatic music humming part, and the Facebook picture...hehehehehehehehe...

  4. YAY! PYRO HUGS! (hopes now for Octa hugs* ;)
    Thanks guys!
    Pyro! I'm so happy you like this!

  5. *hugs Kal*

    This is fantastic :D

    I loved it all. It was all so hilarious and awesome.

    Especially when you lit the candle with Pyro's hair.


    It's amazing!

  6. YAY awesome, Kallista!! XD

    PYRO!!! :( sorry I'm not on more.


    Happy Birthday, Pyro! :D

  7. WHEEEEE~ Awesome story Kal!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PYRO~! *huggle glomps* Have cake! *gives Pyro huge plate of chocolate cake*