Saturday, 5 November 2011


Screams and cries come tumbling out
As I am bullied by the ones,
Who I have foolishly opened my heart too
And trusted with a childlike innocence

Their wills come crushing down
Upon my tender vulnerable soul
They see that I want to please
So they twist it to have happen what they desire

MERCY I cry but to no avail
Stony eyed and cold they ignore my plea.
So now from the depths of my soul
My screams come out lost and broken

Weary now I can do no more
Just lie here dying on the floor
Having moved beyond all caring
Hoping to finally find peace in the ever after


  1. Amazing as always Kal! Really beautiful! :D

  2. *hugs* beautiful is not the word. Haunting. Scary. Worrying. the prose is amazing, as always. but in poetry, prose should take a back seat to the meaning.

    Kal, I will always be here for you. so will Niall, so will Lego, so will Octa, so will Bella.

  3. You have once again created a beautiful, sad piece of writing, Kallista. I do hope you're alright. I know I'm not around that much anymore. That I'm quite ignorant in the goings on of Blogland now. But I'm here for you. We all are.



    Where's she gone off to?

    They're aren't worth it Kal, if they cause so much pain.

    *hugs and won't let go*