Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Dragona and Aquila

This is a belated wedding present for Aquila and Dragona. I am sorry to the both of you for the lateness. It is something I had planed for a long time but suffered from a bad case of writer's block.
Now it's done and just to remind you. I am a beginner  and even if  the poetry is bad, know I did it with all my heart. :)

Across the vast landscape
Comes a sleek footed cat.
With powerful muscles
Beneath her lovely brown striped fur.

Joyfully she leaps and pounces
Then suddenly she becomes a fox.
Darting here and there
Alert of her surroundings.

Up to the sky she looks with longing
So shedding her fur for feathers
Expanding her wings, she takes flight
Soaring and hovering, dancing with the wind.

Along comes a gray dragon
With powerful wings
He sees the young eagle
And joins in her dance.

Together they twirl and soar
Silhouetted against the blue sky
Majestic, bold, and powerful
Legend meets nature in a beautiful twist.

A sudden storm ascends swiftly
Blowing the eagle right out of the sky
Quickly the noble dragon acts
Sheltering the eagle with his mighty wings.

Gracefully he descends with the eagle safeguarded
Once on the ground another transformation begins
Where once was an eagle and a dragon
Now stands a young girl and a young man.

For a moment time stands still
As they gaze at each other
Each one with love kindling
Deep in their hearts.

Lovely maiden I must have your name
Says the young man in a passionate voice
Aquila, she answers in a sweet shy whisper
Then says he, I am Dragona, King of the skies.

Dancing despite the fury of the wind
Among the glade filled with trees
Which stand like honor guards, tall and splendid
Bowing their stately green heads to the king and queen.

Vowing to love and protect her forever
The young dragon stays close beside her
And she with loyalty so rare
Shows him the secret strength of a woman’s power.

Together they now rule
Both earth and the sky
Dancing and laughing
And loving each other.

If you dear reader wish to see what love is,
Look to the skies above or to the earth below
Whether dragon, eagle or human
The legend of their love will bloom forever.