Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Niall and Venice

It all started with a single glance
Across the rows of treasured books
A glance turned into a linger
A linger into a knowing smile

For the red haired beauty
And the dark haired boy
A spark flamed up in their hearts
Soul mates had found each other.

It is a glorious thing to see
When two kindred spirits unite
For Ven and Niall it was natural
Like the flowing of the ocean tide

It came to no great surprise
For the gentleman from Ireland
To find that his lady so lovely
Was as intelligent as she was charming.

Taking her elegant hand in his
He gladly showed her around
Together they poured over ancient texts
Marveling at all the wonders.

He found that she was the perfect fit
As she rested in him strong arms
After a long splendid night together
In a comfortable beloved library.

Someday we too will have
A bookstore of our own
Said he to his Lady Ven
And to this she heartily agreed

With all sorts of magnificent books
From antique to Skullduggery Pleasant
A fireplace with some comfy plush chairs
A bar for delicious confections

A place of wonder and beauty
Yet relaxed and convivial
There our love will continue to grow
And blossom with each precious moment

As the minutes turned into hours
And the hours turned into days
Their dreams continued to soar
Among the heavens with love divine

Friends both near and far
Celebrated this most excellent union
Of two precious dearly loved souls
One day would be one under Heaven

But for now we close the book
And leave the young lovers alone
With a knowing wink we go
We all will have wedding cake later.


  1. :D


    (also, bad mind, putting dirty innuendo in there)

  2. @Kal, I like the poem too. ^^

    *hugs Kal*
    *kisses Ven*

  3. So beautiful and amazing.

    Perfect my dearest!

    Just wonderful!

  4. A fantastic poem for two fantastic people.

    Wonderful Kal!

  5. *Squeals* Sooo fantastic! Just lovely! And so cute too! Great job!

  6. A-MAZ-ING

    (yeah that's right i threw in some french)

    Off to read the next poem!!

  7. Beautiful Kal :)

    Perfectly written xD

  8. Love it! Kal, you're so great at writing xD.

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