Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Thief In Black Vrs.The Purple Poet

Once more donning on a face and mask
The thief in black set out on her next task
Lurking mysteriously in the shadows
Locating her target, the Poet in Purple

Sitting back with a book of poetry
While enjoying a sweet cherry beverage
On the back patio of his purple house
Our innocent hero, Octaboona so dear

So immersed was he in the story
He had no clue as to his immediate fate
Not even when the thief’s plan went awry
When mistakenly she hurdled into a pricker bush.

Back out she vaulted like a cat on fire
Unsuccessfully stifling a scream of pain
Covered in head to toe with fashion of quills
Trying to maintain a threatening disposition

AHA! She shouted and pointed with flair
To the poet who looked up in calm bemusement
His perplexity grew as she sprang forward
Then tripped and fell as her trousers dropped down

Landing at his feet she tried
To cover up her bare backside
From curious eyes who got a view
Of the thief in her partial birthday suit

Discreetly the dear Poet turned aside
As the thief mumbled and shuffled away
You stay here, she gruffly demanded
I’ll be back for you, that I can I promise

Curious now, Octaboona shrugged his shoulders
Awaited the dark thief to return with more trousers
Eyebrows shot up when the thief did appear
Wearing a cast off tablecloth, smiley faces on it.

Now I’ve got you! You can’t escape from me!
The thief shouted with villainous glee
Ran up to the dear gentle Purple Poet
Threw him over her shoulder, mighty as thunder

Or at least that is what she tried to do
Instead she slipped on a cast off peel
Of a banana that was eaten earlier that day
By Octaboona who loved the yellow fruit.

Silently watching this strange spectacle
Of the thief in black landing hard with a smack
Spread eagled against the brick of his fence
He wondered how much it would take to fix that

Taking just a few moments to stand and to recover
The thief looked around quickly with fanatical eyes
For something to kidnap the dear Purple Poet with
He being too tall to spirit away on her small slender frame

There! She found it leaning against the wall
Of the tiny tool shed behind the poet’s abode
A wheelbarrow painted red and quite sturdy
Would do the trick nicely of stealing this boy

But when she went to go put the poor boy in
Top heavy she tipped over and fell into the bin
Loosened from its secure location, the wheelbarrow
Went rolling backwards down the steep hill.

Her screams of distress could be heard
By all those who lived in the next county
Echoing on through vale, hill, and mountain
Then the thief’s perilous journey ended abruptly

As the wheelbarrow broke against the curb
And came to a sudden frightening stop,
The thief in black became like a bullet
As she whizzed through the air, a lovely dark blur

A few others saw this strange projectile
Musing about this mysterious occurrence
Among the crowd, holding hands
Stood our lovely Ven and her handsome Niall

Landing spread eagle in the mud of a pig sty
The thief in black breathed out a shaky prayer
Grateful to be alive, unaware of her growing audience
Or the pale pink pigs who eyed her balefully

Ruefully she stood up and turned halfheartedly around
Shrieking in panic when a cluster of spectators she found
Oh what a sight the dark thief did give, dripping in mud
No one could decipher what was under, a human or a monster?

Wandering in leisurely Octaboona joined the assembly
Wondering what had happened to his uninvited guest
Joining his noble delightful friends, Ven and Niall
His eyes widening incredulous as he spotted the thief in black

I know that person! He exclaimed out in excitement
Underneath that mud is an individual dressed mostly in black
Who acted most curious, tried to take me from my residence here
At this Veniall twitched as recognition dawned in an advantage clear

But for the rest of the throng who stood there
A fury sprang up at the degenerate thief
Who would dare try to steal this treasure from them
The Purple Poet they all loved and held in high esteem

GET HIM! The mob cried out in command
And so ensued the great spectacle
Of the chase that followed the thief in black
All around the town, country and back

As more people joined the mob, the multitude grew
Distressed the thief sought to take cover in shadowy places
But each time was found by someone with excellent sight
So the misfortunate thief once more was forced to take flight

Sweet Octaboona sighed while rolling his eyes
As he was left standing there suddenly alone
The sounds of the great chase drifted to his ears
Reminding him of why the quiet he adored

Whistling while strolling with purposeful aim
Off Octaboona set to reclaim his thief in black
Time to set things right before more disasters took place
But first to the florists to buy purple roses

Ven and Niall with a mission so clear
Along with Lizzy and Skyril comrades dear
Went along with Octaboona’s clever plan
To put a stop to the Thief in Black’s anguish

In a deserted alleyway they found her
Ven and Niall with a hose in their hand
Silly Dark Thief will you never learn?
Said Venice while shaking her head, astonished

Without another word they sprayed the mud off
With the power of the long water hose
Now the mask concealing did wash away
Revealing the sheepish expression upon a pale face

Then scolding slightly Veniall took her away
To meet up with Lizzy and Skyril in a boutique
Together the tree girls with Niall waiting outside
Transformed the roguish thief into a blushing maiden

A short time after a lovely vision appeared
Upswept black curls and a gown, lavender and silver
Adorned the one who once was the Thief in Black
Satisfied the friends led her to her beloved Purple Poet

Passing along the way, the multitude still chasing
The thief in black, they were sure they were gaining
Led by the mischievous one from the land down under
Hellboy grinned, his part in this caper a success

Never knowing the girl in the splendid gown that night
Was in fact the one they sought with all their might
But for Mar and Thalia, they didn’t care
Screaming with joy they waved their pans in the air

Safely the four friends gave the girl over to her love
Then discretely leaving, their job there was done
Amazed the sight that harebrained girl just gawked
At the dazzling display of flowers lights and candles

Smiling softly the Purple Poet walked over
Bent over in a bow and gently took her hand
A tender kiss he placed there, then rising
Took her in his arms and just held her for a while

My dear girl, why all this fuss and bother?
He calmly asked the love of his life
All I wanted was my beloved purple poet!
She responded tearfully, her head in his shoulder

To be by my side forever, she continued to say
Nothing taking you away from my arms
Where I could always protect you
And keep you safe from all harm

I am here now and forever will be
He responded to his foolish lady
All you needed to do was simply ask
There I would be, by your side forevermore

Finally at peace the thief once in black
Smiled happily as music began to play
Together they danced the night away
The Purple Poet won, the thief was gone


  1. *hugs Kal*

    My love this poem is amazing. Such a sweet and adorable one too!

    I love it. You are so talented!

    But I don't like how you hurt yourself so.

    And I guess you mentioned it in the poem.

    May you never come to any harm on my account my love.

    *hugs forever*

  2. *nods sagely*


    Gorshdangit you are a good poet.

  3. *squees*



  4. Brilliant xD *hugs*

    Thankyou for including me in that part, and I'm glad all ended well. Well, kinda... I'm pretty sure that masked person would be pretty bruised from that banana peel and wheel barrow tumble xP

  5. Amazing Kal! I am writing with whilst being half asleep so all I can think of is, cool!

  6. *hugs* I LOVES ITTTTT

    but god, all that adventure sounds painful. Poor thief. Anything for love, though, I suppose. :)

  7. Awwww!!!!! That's so cute and adorable and brilliant! Great poem, Kal!

  8. Fantastic job Kallie! *hugs* it's funny and romantic at the same time!

  9. I love you Octa and the harm that is done is only the result of my own foolishness and is all in fun.

    *hugs back forever*

  10. KAAL! This is amazing!! I don't have anything to say that hasn't already been said about this BRILLIANT poem, so I'll just agree with it all!

  11. Epic poem Kal!

    I love that everyone is involved in the plot!