Thursday, 10 November 2011

Veniall Vrs. The Thief in Black

There they sit at a small table
Lined with white linen
Two lit candles resting on top
Glowing orbs illuminating faces

Gorgeous Venice and her handsome Niall
Gaze deeply into each others dewy eyes
A violin plays a melody softly
On this starry filled balmy night

There is a whisper on the breeze
As two beating hearts become one
Someone nearby lurks in the shadows
Surveying intently with crazy but beautiful eyes

Out leaps a slender figure
Shrouded in a flowing black cape
Several steps taken
And the thief is there

The Lady Ven is stolen
Ripped from dear Niall’s arms
Tossed carefully over a shoulder
Out runs the dark kidnapper

Laughter rings out wickedly
From the mouth of this captor
Quickly turns to crazy shriek
When she sees brave Niall following after

Unhand that girl, our noble hero cries
Geoffrey! Fetch me my fighting trousers
Tonight I fight a most villainous creature
Tonight I duel, for my love she was taken

Sassy Venice, lovely and chic
Dressed in a gown of alluring red
Though stylish and classy
No kidnapper she dreads

A swift uppercut to the chin
With skill it strikes home
In a stagger the thief losses balance
But when force to contend, Ven gives pause

For she sees her kidnapper
With recognizing eyes
The mischievous glance
Of one not wise

A friend before her
A lover behind
Dear Ven fears this night
Will end in comedic disaster

Fear not, my beloved sister
Whispers the thief in a dramatic fashion
I know what I’m doing, be still and listen
With gratitude you will thank me after

Before Ven can interject wisdom
To the imprudent one so rash,
She finds herself once again tossed
Over the shoulder of the thief in black.

Just in time and out of reach
Of the grasping hand of a furious Niall
Nimbly leaps the thief aboard a tiny boat
Just off the dock of Sunset Bay

Come back here you filthy swine
Niall calls out as he shakes his manly fist
Face me like a man, give me back my love
Not deterred he follows after, in a boat of his own

Sitting calmly in the stern
Dainty wrists bound up in daisy chains
Ven awaited her fate trying hard
Not to roll her eyes at the thief’s clumsy rowing

But for Niall he rowed hard after
Swiftly did his little boat fly over the water
Eyes fixed ahead on his beloved Ven
She was his prize, the goal that he sought

Just as the first boat reached the island
The second came up along side
Leaping in a flying tackle,
In the air Niall and thief collided

For the first time that starry filled night
The dark thief pondered her actions
As she faced the point of a steel blade
And the hard face of one so fierce

Up from the mud she leapt
Into a flight away from the blade
Stepping on the end of a rake, she did herself in
Landing backwards in the sand

Resting a heavy boot on the back
Of the prone figure of the dark thief
Niall gave one last thanks to the rake
For striking the thief right between the eyes

Then rushing to the side of his Love
He knelt beside her in the sand
Breaking the flimsy bonds of daisies
Tenderly gathering her in his arms once more

Vowing most valiantly
In his gentlemanly fashion
Never to let any harm
Come to his lady so dear.

Back to the mainland they all left
With the thief made to row
Under the stern watchful eye
Of the dashing hero, Niall

While the two lovers cuddled
The thief dared not make a sound
For one thrashing was enough
To last a lifetime and more.

But a secret smile lighted her lips
For what she wanted did happen
Sneaking another glance at the couple
Only did confirm what was in her heart

Someday soon not so far away
The thief would be made an aunt
With little Venletts running around
A proud papa beaming nearby

A story would go around
To listening ears filled with awe
Of the great and noble day
Their father saved their mother

Held high in esteem and in respect
His legend, her beauty, their story
Would pass down generation to generation
Inspiring greatness in the heritage of Veniall

Two black eyes were a small price to pay
Soon they would be bluish purple
At this she brightened
And thought of another, a poet

Once again throwing caution to the wind
As she rowed with muscles aching
Another scheme rash and half baked
Begin to form in her chaotic mind

But how this scheme turns out
Is for another time my dear friends
Perhaps next week or the one after that
Stay tuned for the tale of the thief in black


  1. I love this Kal! It's a great poem with a fantastic story! *hugs* :D

  2. *giggles*

    oh god, this is adorable and lovely. I love you all so much it's really kind of ridiculous.

  3. i liked it! so sweet! *hugs* u are a great writer/poet

  4. *is bent over from laughter*

    srz bznz, I would never let Niall hurt you *hugsies* not that he would anyway.


  5. I took so long to read it because I was laughing so much!

    What Lego said.

    But srs bznz, I wouldn't hit you.

    Just AMAZING
    You are so gifted!!
    I absolutely LOVE the poem!!

  7. Oh Kal!

    This is glorious in its laughabilityness...



    So perfect.

    I can't wait for more.

    This is adorable and wonderous.

    But Veniall would never hurt you you know.



  8. Hahahah xD I loved it!

    The 'Geoffry! Fetch me fighting trousers!' and the comedic disaster line got me :D

    Epica Kal :) You're brilliant at this, keep writing.

  9. I love how everybody noted on the,"Fetch me my fighting trousers," thing.