Sunday, 25 December 2011

Lovely Legolas

A masterpiece made by one Divine
With stardust, sparkling glitter, and happiness
Mixed with a heavy dose of pure love
Of beauty, grace, kindness, a dash of clever humor
A special girl was formed, a precious gift to the world

When the creation was finally finished
Out of the golden sunlight the girl did appear
Her name is Eva, splendid as a rare flower
Or sometimes Legolas so brave and noble
Befriended by unicorns she dined on rainbows

Roaming the earth she charmed the masses
Except for a few but they were asses
To those blessed few who were lucky enough
Fabulous hugs were given with gentle care
Friendships formed easily with this heart of gold

Legolas in lavender come dance with us
Spread your message of true love and equality
Never give up even when darkness descends
And the world seems cold, heartless, and dead
You are never alone beloved Legolas, my Eva so dear

Spread your wings and sing your songs
Be free and fly far above the blue heavens
Your brilliance outshines the sun, moon, and stars
Lighting up the darkness of ignorance and pain
Bringing hope, understanding, and compassion

Sparkling glitter follows your every move
As you dance on despite life's sorrows
Your strength is amazing, your wisdom is truth
Let me dance with you my beloved sister, my friend.
Together let us laugh once more our hearts lifted in freedom

Even sunglasses can not shield your brilliance
It shines like a beacon drawing like minded genius
Individuals that discover the treasure that is Legolas
Finding strength and loyalty that is sadly is so rare
But in our Eva our Legolas it is given in abundance

A kindred spirit at last you have found
Her name is Genesis, a blond goddess she is
Carefree, full of laughter, light as the air
She is the wind that will lift you up, carry you far
Wedding bells chime in joy with this magical union.

Thank you Legolas for your many gifts and talents
That you so generously share with us, your friends
More priceless then all the jewels on earth, more lovely too
You counted me as a sister for that I am grateful
May your faithfulness and loyalty be rewarded

May joy fill your heart and never depart
As Christmas lights compete with you but fail
For they will dim beside your brilliance
For you are a lovely sparkly fairy tale princess

Happy holidays to you
In this festive season
My beautiful Lego


  1. This poem warms my heart. So lovely and so true.

    It is simply awesome! Lego will love this. I love it so much!

    *hugs and kisses*


  2. This is PERFECT! Truly a work of art, I'm sure Lego agrees! You have a way with words, dear Kal, don't you ever dare to think otherwise! *hugs*