Monday, 12 December 2011

Not Yours To Take

The cup of happiness was not yours to take
But you thought you could sneak in and grab it
The Lord saw as He sees everything
A penalty you must pay but first
You must give the cup of happiness back
And what ever you drank
 It will be taken from you tenfold.

For as His people have said
You are sneaky, underhanded
So it must be concluded
That you are a most vile human of waste
Not to be neither trusted nor deserving
Of anything good that comes your way.

Your prayers will not be heard
God’s head will turn away
The proof that He does this
Is in the life you have lead

If He had heard you
Or thought your prayers deserve attention
Then you would not be in place
Where you are now
Being told to submit yourself to the ones over you
Who knows your heart but turns it into something ugly
And heaps words of wrath and chaos on your head
Words that cause anguish, torment, confusion
But it seems they are right
They always are after all.
Encouraging words and actions
Are given to them daily

Now you will be separated
From the ones who gave you
The longed for love
Empty and grieving you will wander alone
Away from the hand of the loving Father.
If he should glance at you
It will be with a hard expression
One that is displeased.
Be gone you vagabond
You human scum
Happiness and love
Were not meant for you



  2. Kaaaaaaaaal! *hugs*
    SO GOOD! I loved it, you're amazing! :D

  3. This is insanely good writing Kal!!!


  4. Kaaaaaaaal! *hugs*

    So beautiful, moving and sad.

    You are an amazing poet and a wonderful person.

    I love it and I love you!