Sunday, 4 March 2012

Killing Me

* This poem sucks. Don't care. (not sure it classifies as a poem)

I am so scared

And all alone

This thing crept in

And took hold of me

It got me when

All others left

And held me prisoner

In it's grip

Left so often

All on my own

I turned to the beast

To help me cope

It's poison slowly took root

And burned my skin

But it provided the relief

And peace of mind

That I had been

So often robbed off

I wish so much

that those in my life

had been there when

I needed them most.

But they were not.

I fell.

And I continue to fall.

Sometimes I wish

I had just died.

I might die anyways

Now because of what

I have done

But no one will

Ever take responsibility

Except for me

And my pain

Which is so hard to bare

My last means to cope

Is killing me

But without it I will fall

Never to get back up

No one will care

But oh how it burns

And blisters my skin

My heart has pumped

Poison in and back out again.

Where is the love of God?

Will it end like this?

Only time will tell.


  1. *hugs Kal tightly*

    This is a beautiful poem. But so haunting.

  2. *hugs her tightly*

    Kal, this definitley classifies as a poem.

    I'm sorry you feel like this, though I'm glad you've written this. It always helps to let out steam. I love you, Kal, and if you need anything at all, I'm here. You don't deserve to be mistreated by anyone.

    *hugs again*

  3. ~hugs Kal forever~
    Hey, we would DEFINITELY care, ok!
    Some people just aren't human.
    Don't feel like no one cares, though, Kal. And God does love you... it's hard to see sometimes... ~hugs some more~
    And we love you too.

  4. *hugs tightly*
    Thank you me lovelies.
    I know and am so grateful and honored to have the friendships and love all of you have so freely given me. With out you and your love I think I would have died long ago.
    In my poem I am referring to the ones who live in my area and who know my troubles but won't see it for what it is. Instead, when it is noticed it is treated as a crime and with impatience and turned into something else that is far worse and wrong and no one will be honest about it or listen to me.