Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Little Lone Tree

I see you standing,
Little lone tree,
By yourself,
Do you wish to flee?

We are alike,
Little lone tree,
In the way, I too,
Wish to be an escapee.

The leaves your bear,
Little lone tree,
Are few, not many,
But they so suit thee.

I am the same,
Little lone tree,
But my leaves are friends,
And they are few, I decree!

Your body is skinny,
Little lone tree,
Which makes me wonder,
When you will be free.

My body, like yours,
Little lone tree,
Is slight, not much,
Because I always pee.

I see you hurting,
Little lone tree,
And I wish to help,
Yet I let it be.

But don’t you worry,
Little lone tree,
You’ll pull through,
Just like me.

Because, you and I,
Little lone tree,
We stand tall,
Proud as can be.


  1. Wish I cold do a rhyming poem.
    I love this one. Thanks for posting here Sam. I know you posted it on Wattpad too. It's good to read another poem from you.

  2. I laughed at the pee part. Like, out loud. *claps*

    I love this poem, Sam! *hurgs*