Friday, 2 November 2012

Someone Too Come Looking For Me

* This is not my best poem but I don't care. It is one that needed to be written and came from a dark place in my heart and memories. I cannot mess with it too much to make it pretty and flowing. I can't mess with my memories and feelings that way. Sorry.


 Once I ran away from home,

Far away from the anger and

Hatred hurled cruelly at me

For simply being in the way

And wanting to be equal too.

But no one even noticed I was gone.

No one was upset at my pain

Then I found out someone did read my note

But it was cast aside easily and they moved on

And no one came to look for me.

No one

Not one

Once I was lost and looking for my home

Panicked I cried out the one name

That should have brought comfort

But the name mother stopped

Halfway through my lips

When I realized this person

Since long ago turned away

Always when I needed comfort most

In fact she was the one

Who actually initiated the pain

Under the knowledge of my father

Who sternly glared at me

With a promise if I so much let out a cry

My backside he would whip

So as I sat lost in the dark

Quiet, loneliness my only companion

I dreamed of a home where I can go

Lite up warmly with lights

That resembled jewels on a crown

Inviting, cozy, a place of my own

Like a hug to replace

All the hugs from parents

That I never got

Cold reality sets in as I realize

I am lost and alone

And there is no one looking for me.


  1. *hugs you forever and never lets go*

  2. Oh my dear Kallista. This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing this with us. It's beautiful and sad and haunting. It took bravery to post this. Being you takes so much bravery. I love you, Kallie.

    *hugs tight*