Monday, 28 January 2013

Princess of the Heavens: Waiting and Hoping

She walked among the stars

The princess of the heavens

Looking for the one

Who caught her crystal tears

That spilled out from

Liquid ice blue eyes

Rolling down pale cheeks

Then sealed up tenderly

In pearl alabaster jars

Inside her dreaming body

Sorrow caused her heart pain

In loneliness and grief

She wandered time and eternity

Searching for the one

Who made such beautiful vows

But always in the distance,

Something that would never be hers

Happiness and dreams

Just out of reach

Being given to people

Who never have to ask

They just receive those beautiful dreams

Some live life gloriously

While looking down on the broken hearted

Others reach out and lift the fallen ones up

To run with them

The race that is life

For such as these

The princess desires

So that her pain and loneliness

May be left far behind

And that she too may feel

The warm embrace

Of one who loves her


  1. That was beautiful, kal :) You put a lot of emotion these few words.

    *hugs and hands cookie*

  2. I love this. The description's fantastic, Kallista. "Pearl alabaster jars", that was really cool :D

    A sad poem but beautifully descriptive poem. I like it.


  3. This is a really lovely poem, Kallie. Very touching and sad.


  4. This is a beautiful poem. Wistful but touching.


    So very poignant.

    I love it.

  5. Such lovely imagery! <3 You really have a way of capturing and describing surreal moments, its so awesome :D

    Great job hun! *hugs tightly* :D

  6. This is absolutely beautiful! Angelic, of course. I love the way it sounds, and the way I can see it. Awesome-sauce :3