Sunday, 10 February 2013

All Alone:The Sum of Her fears

In the dark she knelt and prayed

Her time and hour had come.

Only a ray of light appeared

Softly lighting up

One small spot.

In the distance she could hear the nuns

Singing in mournful chant.

Yet she was on her own

All alone.

No one came

Or remembered her.

All her friends

Had gone their own way

Each in the pursuit of happiness.

But she knew that time would come

And no longer wept or tried to hide

From the darkness that had

Been held at bay for so long

And it swept over her like a flood.

Crushed beneath its merciless weight

That ripped into her heart and showed her

What she really was.

Alone and unloved

And unwanted.

So in the end

She died alone.


  1. *hugs you forever and ever and ever*

    You do realise I'd never let that happen, right? Ever. I mean, dying, yes. Everyone dies eventually. But never alone. You /are/ wanted, you /are/ loved, you are a beautiful human being and I am proud every day anew to call you my sister.
    I love you, Kal. So, so much.

  2. This is so sad and beautiful, Kallie! A wonderful poem!
    As long as you are loved by us brothers and sisters- as you always will be- you will never be alone.