Saturday, 4 May 2013

Alive again

When summer's come, and we can see the sun,
Its time to live and laugh and run,
Time to write again, time to take flight again,
Standing on the edge of life, looking out at the scene,
Feeling so serene, balanced on the edge, tipping over....
Into life,

Death's a million miles away, the time will come but not today,
When's life is good, and you feel as if you should,
You can write again, take flight again,
Soaring out across the scene, feeling so serene,
In the palm of your hand, and it feels so grand,
You're alive again,

So go, write again,
Take flight again,
Life's allright again,
I'm alive


    LOVELY POEM AND SO PERFECT! There is just something about all the color that blooms when the warm seasons begin and the breeze and the sun! :D
    I love this poem! It's so LOVELY to have a Chan poem again! :D
    And even better, to have a wild Chan around once more! *hugs some more*

    (btw if you can, please read me to your FB friends list) XD

  2. Wooooow, Chan, this is... absolutely amazing, beautiful, wonderful, perfect!
    I so much love it!
    PLEASE try to get this published! Incredible

  3. Thank you both very much, I agree Kal, the colours you get in summer was a big part of what I was thinking about when writing this. Skyril, you really think I should get it published? Wow! thanks