Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Thief In Black Strikes Back: A Pyred Adventure

Up on a ledge overlooking a forest path
Stood  a silent figure imposing, watching
Dressed all up in the deepest black
A dark fedora pulled low over the eyes
With a suite and tie to fit the disguise
The dark cape swirling dramatically in the wind
Beware the villain, a throwback of yesteryear
Whose demeanor spells trouble
For victims everywhere
Deep villainous laughter rings out merrily
Two gloved hands rub gleefully

In anticipation of the foul deed to be preformed
The Thief in Black has emerged from her lair once more
Here come the lovers walking down the path, holding hands
Innocent of what’s lurking  ahead in the depths of the forest

Hearts blazing with love for one another
After so much time apart, now they are together
Pyro with eyes so bright looks at Red with love
Sweet, smart and beautiful, her feelings for Pyro is mutual

It’s a shame the thief forgot about the fire
That lit up the hearts of the two in love with power

Instead she grabbed a vine
Then with a mighty Tarzan cry 
Swinging off that hidden ledge
To swipe away the girl named Red

Not really having thought things through,
The thief missed by a mile
Her Tarzan cry turned wild
As she swung  to a sudden stop
By an innocent oak,
Whose rough bark now would always bear
The imprint of the dastardly Thief in Black

Falling back into a bush full thorns and nettles
Stumbling back out with a sharp cry of pain
Surrounded by poison oak, the Thief was in for a surprise

“What was that noise?” Red asked bemused,
Turning around for just a quick look,
“It was nothing, my dear.” Pyro answered
With a dashing smile, that made Red’s heart melt

He knew, for having caught a brief glance
Of the thief who stalked them,
Yet would fail, Pyro vowed
As he put his arms around his love
“Let’s go to the circus.” Pyro said to Red
In an overloud voice
ust enough for the Thief in Black’s ear

Not knowing that a cunning mind was onto her
The Thief foolishly decided,
With her plans to proceed.

Wanting to have a little fun
With the villain who stalked them
Pyro kept a sharp eye out
On the lookout while romancing Red.

Rushing on, not feeling deterred
The thief snuck by the gates of the circus.
Darting behind a metal cage
Her plan set in motion

But as the thief passed the petting zoo
Her mission forgotten by the sweet neighing
Of an adorable miniature horse
Who needed a hug from the thief in black.

 Meanwhile the lovers laughed
Having found themselves alone at last
Sitting down for a meal for two
A perfect picnic on a warm and sunny day.

Thursday, 5 December 2013


don't go
don't leave me just yet.

just stay
and hold me oh so tight.

see here
i love you more than you know.

you don't know me at all.

it's time for us to part.

leave me
or you'll just break my heart.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

A little deeper

You never thought anyone would notice.
Hell, you never thought it mattered.

It started small,
(Doesn't everything?)
With an idle nick on the point where your wrist met your palm
Using a rusty penknife you found.
You never knew what you were getting into.

You searched it up, and realised that cutting on the wrists was too easy;
The internet said you were seeking attention,
And you weren't, goddammit.
Attention was never your goal.
This wasn't some weird cry for help.

You just wanted the hole in your gut to feel a little less empty.

It grew, though.
Like a monster it latched onto your heart and grew.
It fed on your hurt.

You found out why people, when they hide, preferred their thighs:
It hurt more, bled more.
After a while, you just started wearing knee height shorts at home.
No one ever questioned it. It was the beginning of the rainy and cool season.
Why would anyone question it?

Hell, for them to question it, they'd have to notice you were there first.

Some days, though, you wished you weren't.
It didn't seem worth it.
You trudged through your day and passed off everything as a bore.

And on those days, the blade dug a little deeper.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

World of lies

Without sun and without love,
Smile and laugh, you precious dove.
But back home, you start to cry,
Welcome to my world of lies.

People shout and people scream,
Cover your ears, too much it seems,
You don't hear them, you deny,
Welcome to my world of lies.

In your head you're so scared,
You really are unprepared.
IV drips and bloodshot eyes,
Welcome to my world of lies.

See the razor, feel the pain,
Blood drips down and skin it stains.
Pull your sleeves and appear shy,
Welcome to my world of lies.

Slit your wrists and cut your thighs,
Fake a smile and dry your eyes.
Hate yourself and hate your life,
Welcome to my world of lies.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Sonnet 6

Acidic secrets melt through placid guts
and leave a hole, a pit, a missing piece
that only truth can find when it breaks free,
but truth, for now, is gone- and stomachs burn.
As flesh and bone alike are charred to ash,
and nothing can restore the gaping hole,
and I am left to clutch at my remains;
I know it's all my fault and I deserve
this horrid fate- pathetic, flailing limbs;
and pain that burns and freezes me at once;
and oh, the secrets tearing through my heart,
consuming all; and I am empty now.

If pain was all I had once, now I know
that hollow, emptiness is worse a fate.


No rhymes this time, because, well, I don't know, I got sick of rhymes, and they're so difficult. I wrote this just before going to sleep last night, for no reason whatsoever. I think this is the first sonnet I've written that has nothing whatsoever to do with how I felt at the moment of writing it.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Old-Timers... Go Back to Blogland

[Sorry in advance. I know this isn't a poem, but I wanted to post it everywhere. :}]

Blogland needs you, my friends.
I miss you.
I miss ALL of the old-timers, and I would just.... LOVE to see you in Blogland again.

Besides, showing up and chatting like you own the place is exceedingly enjoyable :}

I know, I know, everyone is strange and new. I think every time I go to Blogland now-a-days I meet someone new, but hey, meeting someone new eliminates a strange new person to meet. Plus, if we all go back, even it's slowly, even it's once-a-month or less, we'll find each other.

Don't feel like it's useless. Even if you can only hang out for ten minutes, GO. Chat for ten minutes, then leave if you must. Don't disappear forever. Nothing is worth losing your friends because you're just so busy. If you try, I know you can make a little time. :D

Please come back. :]
I love you guys, and Dereksville Blogland desperately needs your crazy, brilliant, fun, adorable, creative awesome-sauce and epica spontaneity!

When you read this, post it on your own blogs [re-awaken the magic of them!] or email it to a friend from Blogland you haven't spoken with for who-knows-how-long.
Let's rekindle the old-timers.
Let's rekindle our own, special place again.
I miss it, and I desperately miss you.

~hugs a million times over~

I hope I see you soon!!!! :D

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Poem of the Insane

I thought I would escape
Could escape from this madness
Its tendrils snaking inside my very mind

I thought, I think I thought, at least
And everything’s swirling away
And I’m lost again

There’s nothing quite like the dark
Where the monsters live
Reaching through you

It’s a bleak reality
When you think about it
For too long

The colours all around
Seeping into each other
An obscene spectrum

See the how blind
How detached they are
Let them destroy themselves

I can’t think
My brain stutters

There is nothing
Any longer
But sleep

And the sorrows
Drowning in despair
And then joining the tide…