Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Lifeless Plain.

I'm new at poetry, So, this might not be that good.

The barren, derelict waste land,
Upon which I stand,
Holds no life, no more, 
Long gone and forgotten,

The wind blows less and less,
The hard barren earth is at no loss,
It hurts to see the skeletal birds,
Dying and at pain, where,

The black rain water flows,
Straight from this land, down,
Down quick and easy, just like my soul
Swiftly and fast, O,

The sight to ponder, 
The sight to get sick on,
Sometimes I do wonder, O,
What happened to this, this? Oh why?

The barren derelict wasteland,
Upon which I used to stand,
Holds no life, no more, long gone,
Forgotten and dead.

Friday, 27 January 2012


Sycle, curving, slicing death,
Killed before you've drawn a breath,
As doom comes whistling towards you,
Your worst nightmare, it comes true,

The figure of death, in a hooded cloak,
through twilight, mists, and wispy smoke,
advances onwards, scythe held out,
he whirls it, twils it, round about,

Then swings and slices, shredding bone,
a single warrior, all alone,
takes one more step and slices through,
his arm is strong, his aim is true,
The dusty floor, is wet with blood,
A torrent of life, a river, a flood.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

This Time

This time last month I breathed
Inhaling in and out
I hoped for best and just confessed
I'm really glad I did

This time last month I didn't know
How perfect it could be
It's the best time I've ever had
I'll never let it go

Just sing for me, I'll smile
I will give you the words
The future in our heart now starts
I wish I would've known

Be strong, for there are months ahead
They might be hard at times,
But we will make it work, I know
Our love will never end

Thank you for being my reason to smile, and for making this past month the most perfect month I've had in my life. I love you so very much!

Sunday, 22 January 2012


Hums a song-
A melody,
A wordless tune

A show of the moon-
Florescent orb
Shrowded, but light

Raindrops drip,

Lightening flash

Magical song
And boom

Atmosphere of looming gloom
To some.
To some,
An orchestra
And band
Playing just for them
To some, indeed


Magic bright

Darkness envelopes
And on hums and drums the song-
The melody,
The wordless tune-

Of magic

Thursday, 19 January 2012

I Fear It

The pain, it envelops me,
The crying, it does nothing.
I lift my head, I smile,
I only get hurt in return.

It beats fast,
Frightened from pain it runs.
I can't run,
I have to stay and fight.

I can't leave, I can't go.
I have to tough it out,
With my fragile little body,
And my rather confused mind.

I don't know if I'll make it,
If I'll survive.
What I do know is...
Death is coming.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Sonnet of Daydreams

When everything's dull (that's always the case)
I float far away, imagining things
There's sun and there's rain in that unknown place
Sun and rain as one, a rainbow of joy

But then someone snaps and takes me away
From my special place of hopes and daydreams
But as they're preaching their annoying way
I'm back in the clouds, I'm not listening

Perhaps if I dream vividly enough
You and I could be truly together
Rain and sun pouring, clouds as soft as fluff
Only you and I, dreaming forever

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ocalista FTW!

This, my dear Kal and Octa, is your wedding present! I'm sorry it's a little late...

Hope you like it!!

Put to Words

I sit with the pen in my hand
Staring blankly at the paper
I'm trying to put thoughts to words
Or is it perhaps words to thoughts?

The teacher's droning on and on
I am lost in my fantasies
I should probably concentrate
But, alas, it is too boring

I do have some inspiration
But for now I will stick to this;
Writing what random thoughts I have
A Shakespearean monologue;

"All the world's a stage
        And all the men and women merely players"...

And then something about eyebrows
And the seven stages of life
For which I frankly do not care
I live in the moment, the now

And now is the best time I've had
Now is really, truly the best
The best I have felt for a while
And those were my thoughts put to words.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Purple Ninja

A shadow in the corner
A giggle from the wall
A purple silhouette
A slinking, twisting ball

A pop from a lollipop
Close to your ear
And suddenly a shock
As your grabbed into a headlock
And noogied there to here

You scream and shout
But the only reply is a giggle
Seconds 'fore you blackout
And a glance of a figure
Dancing away
With a bit of a cackle
Echoing back

Free to Soar in Majesty

Pain in my heart
What to say?
What to do?
I don't know
I don't know

I don't know what to do
Take my own advice
Let alone
Let alone

Let be free
Let soar through the air
Let stride in majesty
Let shine with a flare

Let be
Let go
Let see
Let glow

Never will I want be gone
But I'll let
I'll let what needs be done

If returns then cheers throughout
And if not then tears about
And yet whate'er choice is made
I'll let
I will
I'll let be free

Free to soar in majesty

Let be free

Always kind,
Always sweet,
That lovely girl
Is shoved to your feet

Forced to beg,
Forced to plead
Why can't you see?
She's good as you and me

She's understading
And compassionate
Never asking
For a complement

She's fun and cheery
To all who hurt her
She's never leery
Of the bitter

Yet you scold her,
Trick her heart
These constant arguments
You always start

Let her breathe
Let alone
Let be free
You may atone

Without the tension
And unease
She can be who she is
Rather than having
To constantly please

Just let go
Give her some room
Don't be a foe
Don't try to doom

Look and see
What I say
Don't be selfish
Don't allay

Let her breathe
Let alone
Let be free
You may atone
A breath,
A sigh,
A gasp of pain
They won't comply
We can't sustain

A malady
We can't repress.

Let us breathe
And let alone.
Relax, relax
And don't bemoan!

Don't yell and shout.
Don't even whisper.
Relax, relax!
Don't you bicker!

Won't even do
Don't grunt and beckon
Don't push askew
Relax, relax!
See our point of view!

Pushed and shoved-
Forced to comply
Tension, unease
We should say goodbye
Just let us breathe

We want to be friends
We've tried to be friends
So give a little, hereto
And relax, relax!
See our point of view!