Monday, 9 January 2012

Sonnet of Daydreams

When everything's dull (that's always the case)
I float far away, imagining things
There's sun and there's rain in that unknown place
Sun and rain as one, a rainbow of joy

But then someone snaps and takes me away
From my special place of hopes and daydreams
But as they're preaching their annoying way
I'm back in the clouds, I'm not listening

Perhaps if I dream vividly enough
You and I could be truly together
Rain and sun pouring, clouds as soft as fluff
Only you and I, dreaming forever


  1. Oh! This is so sweet and lovely Red! I LOVE IT!
    *hugs her then glares at the annoying people who lecture way to much*
    Go on YOU! *shoos them away*
    Can't you see this girl is BUSY daydreaming?

    *shakes head at them*
    Oh for shame!
    *hugs Red again*
    OK my dear. Go on now and daydream!

  2. just don't do it during exams, I'm still paying for that mistake.

    But don't stop, either, even if you could. Daydreams are where we build our worlds, our stories.

  3. *grins* Thanks Kal! They've actually been a bit nicer in the past few days ^^
    And I guess my head was still here enough to put a clue in verse three.. *waggles eyebrows*

    Ven, I do try. Honestly. And I suppose I fluke my way through most exams ^^
    And horrah for deepnessism!! Daydreams /have/ been an awful lot of help with inspiration lately. Thing is, when I snap back to reality, I sometimes forget what I daydreamed XD

    *hugs them both* LOVE YA!