Sunday, 27 May 2012

A Rose and a Person

There may be a rose,
Unloved or admired
But the flower hasn't woes
For a rose is a rose-
Sought for, desired

There may be a sea,
Untraveled, ignored
But the waters stay lively
For a sea is a sea!
Always adored!

There may be some sky
Unseen or treasured
But the heavens don't sigh
For a sky is a sky
Vast, unmeasured

There may be a person
Sad, and depressed
A hand to him lend
For a person's a person-
At his worst or his best!


Dreaming minute after minute
And time goes by
I find myself dreaming,
And hours fly

Magic, monsters, love
All is possible
All in my dreams
All wonders available

What to dream of today?
How shall I play, I wonder
A rainstorm strikes,
A ship shakes with thunder

And up on deck
The mighty mast sways,
Creaking under
The wooden vessel brays!

But just then,
And angel in the skies
A mighty light breaks the dark
And every head on deck does rise

A peaceful calm,
A gray sun glowing
The angel smiles
And all that's heard is gentle lowing

Till with a shout
The storm clouds part
And only heard
Is singing from the heart

And, "Glory be!"
"To thine, oh Lord of all!"
"Oh, glory be"
Angels shout in bellowing call!

And with a turn
From this dream unto that
Fades the ship's massive stern
Into fogs of misty gray

I'd Like to Go to Sea

I'd like to go to sea someday
To answer the ocean's call
I'd happily be and there I'd stay
In the crow's nest, so tall

I'd like to go to sea someday
Listening close to seagull's cry,
Or getting soaked with salty spray
For there, there wouldn't be goodbyes

I'd like to go to sea someday
And leave my life behind
Keeping sorrows ever at bay
And having new dreams to find!

I'd like to go to sea someday
To be a salty sea girl
I'd see the stars and know my way,
Hoist anchor, masts unfurl!

I'd like to go to sea someday
A new adventure 'twould be
I'd sail so very far away
For I'd forever be free!

Give? Nay, Get

What would you give
To get what you want?
Perhaps you wouldn't live
In this world at all

Perhaps, indeed,
You wouldn't be here
Rather, a world of blue
Or maybe pink, yellow, green

For what is it you want
To do or maybe to have?
Perchance you just don't want a haunt
To bother you ever more?

So what would you give, I query
To get what you want?
I wonder if you ought be leery
Of the dangerous answer

So what can you get for free,
You think instead.
How about life eternally
The greatest gift of all?

The Dance

The fire ignites in his eyes
They spin
The woman twirls and flies
He grins

Their hands touch
And clutch
Twisting, a battle of such
So much!

They slow, so sudden
Flaming eyes
Staring, both grin
And sigh

The woman laughs and shouts
The man
In sequence walks about
Her fan

The moves a flutter
A smile
A rose and a mutter
Dancing the while

A coy, ferocious fight
The two of them all night

Dancing rhythmically
A fox and dove
Mind and body additionally
Falling in love.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

You're beautiful to me

Poet's note: This is kind of a letter... from me.... to me. .-. does that make sense?

No matter who you say you are,
No matter what you be,
Doesn't change how I look at you,
You're beautiful to me.

No matter how much to you scream or cry
No matter what you do,
The world is ugly for all I care,
You're always beautiful.

The blood that falls won't change my view
The tears are salty rain,
Smiling is the best revenge,
Temporary is the pain.

We'd love not to feel the way we do
And have rainbows in our heads
Little birds chirping all the time --
but that's not how we're made.

We're made to be imperfect,
Our flaws in flesh our soul
That's what's makes up warm and human;
beauty isn't cold.

Little outlets, solace in blood,
Surely isn't the way
Bleeding out on a blank-white canvas
To live another day

There are people who truly care
And accept without question
They aren't out to plot or kill
They have good intention.

What defines a family,
an attempt to get together?
It's a feeble attempt, then, life
This "family"'s fait-weather.

Open your eyes to people who love
Open your eyes and see
No matter what you say you are,
You're beautiful to me.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Depression 2

Depression's an ugly monster,
That squats heavily upon the shoulders,
Of its captive,
Sucking out the life force,
Feeding ugly thoughts and feelings,
Reddish hate and bluey sadness,
Falling like a waterfall from the caverns of your eyes,
Makes you feel so hopeless, neverending,

Sunday, 20 May 2012

But For Now

You might be out of sight
But not outside my mind
I love you more than words could say
And nothing changes that

And soon, so very soon
In just twenty-eight days
You'll board a plane and we'll be close
Again for the first time

Take nothing for granted
We'll make each second count
A second's a relative time
A day, a blink, a while

I'm counting down the days
I think I always will
Till I can look into your eyes
But for now I'll just wait.

Friday, 18 May 2012

She Waits

All around, it's so quiet you could hear her heartbeats
Quickening as she came closer, and closer, and closer
They'll be together again for the first time in a long time
Her heart racing, her stomach in flutters, she waits.

She's used to waiting, she's waited for months
And hours each day, staring at the offline icon
Months of anticipation and longing built up inside
She let out a breath she was keeping in her lungs.

As she planned, she'd brought a notebook and a pen
To write down details, so they could be recalled again
She scribbled, and sketched, and erased, and wrote
The page reflected her thoughts- beautifully illegible.

A familiar thought crossed her mind, as expected
What if it won't be as perfect as I imagine?
What if conversation won't flow and there'd be silence?
What if I'll have nothing to say?

And then, her mind was generous enough to think
About ways to fill silence without using words
Damn catch, she thought, and bit her lip
Falling into daydreams of the day ahead.

All around, it's so quiet you could hear her heartbeats
Quickening as she came closer, and closer, and closer
They'll be together again for the first time in a long time
Her heart racing, her stomach in flutters, she waits.

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Author's Note
So I was reading a bunch of limericks the other day, and they were funny. So yesterday, I was sitting around relatively bored and wanting to doodle. But I don't doodle... So I write limericks instead. Four of them! [They aren't all that great or very funny, just fyi] They're my limerick doodles :P


There once was a girl called Skyril
Who had a disease that was viral
She suddenly sneezed,
Causing a breeze
And spun the world in a spiral

There once was boy named Octa
Who married the Kallista
And I certainly say
They're happy today
The poet and the ninja!

I once had a friend named Lizzy
Who was always rather busy
She'd scurry around
All of the town
And I wondered if she was dizzy

There once was a kitty called cat
Who wore an astonishing hat
Garnished, they say
With bits of it's prey
The kitty called cat in a rat hat!

Heaven's Love of Children

Author's note
Hey, when you read this, think of the words and think of what they are. Picture it, I mean. It's really more of a picture in your head than anything. 
I got this idea, by the way, driving down the road, and I looked up at sun-setting sky. There was a cloud up there, and it looked exactly like a little baby with his arms outstretched toward the heavens. :3

Reach up to kiss the sky today
A child in the clouds
As all the time you play and play
The sky grows pink and warm

Of gold and fire the crimson heart
Is touched by those so young
And showers tumble down to kiss
And droplets, cold and sweet, to them have clung

The heavens sigh in calm morose
As crimson turns to blue
But shining bright and upward rose
A frosted veil of hope

For soon shall rise the children
And the sky will blush- enraptured
They'll sing and dance and send a kiss
The sky has joyously captured.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Freedom in the Sky

Author's note
Hey, guys! I haven't been keeping with stuff or writing much poetry... well, PUBLIC poetry xD 
Sorry about that!
This one's kind of short and sweet. It was inspired by the theme song to Firefly. [Uh, I WAS going to give a youtube link to it, but I don't  actually have sound on this computer, and it kept freezing so I gave up -_-]  By the way, for any who had not, check out Firefly. It's an excellent show, although it was unfortunately cancelled by some moron Fox dudes...


The wide, open land
The vast, tranquil sea
Just take my hand,
And we'll be free!

The glorious sky
It's ours, always
The land, the sea, may die
But the sky? Ours, always!

None can steal that open space
Freedom's ours permanently
But take my hand, just in case
And we shall soar incessantly!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

There's no going back

You're sitting at your desk, and you know it's time to go.
You've said that to yourself over a million times, but this time you know,
For sure, is real.
You're tired, you're just so very tired.
Your parents pissed you off, like school wasn't bad enough today.

You go to get the rope, or the knife, or the gun
Or whatever you choose to use because you're that desperate.
You're ready.
You think of it as some game -- the first one dead is the one who wins.
No one's home, it's the perfect time.
You're ready.

If you don't do it, you're gonna look down on yourself even more forever.
You're just going to hate yourself even more.
No one knows, no one will know -- until tomorrow that is.
Instead of getting a paper and a pen, you get the video camera out, along with a chair.
You're standing on the chair.
You decided to go with the rope... you're gone instantly and there will be no noise.
One side of the rope is tied to the top of your fan and the other is already around your neck.
You're in tears, you know it's for real this time.

You turn on the video camera and just stare at the red light blinking upon your eyes.
You start to mumble out a few words.
"Mom and dad, I'm sorry. I don't know why I'm sorry, but I'm sorry. I can't do this anymore."
"Please don't blame yourself, please. I love you both, and tell my siblings the same. I'll see you all soon."
You say sorry to your best friend because you know you won't be there for him anymore when he needs you more than ever.
You say sorry to everyone you could think of... even yourself.

You're sorry for not being strong anymore.
You're sorry for breaking down.
You're sorry for putting them through so much pain in their life.
You stare, once again, at the red light blinking upon your eyes.
One foot is off the chair now as you begin to mouth the word goodbye.

You have the remote control to turn off the camera in your hand.
You clicked the off button and as soon as you see that light go off, you go off.
Both feet are now off the chair -- the chair is on the floor... the room is filled with silence.

You're dead.
You're gone.
There is no going back.
Everything is over.

You don't have to live in pain anymore... but everyone else will.
What are your parents going to think?
What about your little brother, or little sister?
What are they going to do?

You're gone.
You're dead.
There is no going back.

You ended your life because the person of your dreams only thinks of you as friends.
You ended your life because that one teacher was harder on you than anyone else in the class
Because she knows you're the only one that is going somewhere in life.

Your parents are home.
They call your name telling you their home, just like they normally do when they get home
But something's different.
You don't answer.
They get worried... you always answer.
They come upstairs thinking your sleeping or showering.

Your mom opens your bedroom door and screams at the top of her lungs.
She instantly passes out.
Now your little brother comes up after her.
He screams "DADDY HELP!"
He runs over to you hitting your leg begging you to wake up.

But you don't answer, you're not waking up.

You're gone.
You're dead.
There is no going back.

Your dad comes running upstairs and all he could do is stare.
He watches his baby girl swing back and forth on a rope.
He sees the video camera and he sees the chair.
But he doesn't move.
He's stiff as a board.
He cries.... Your dad NEVER cries.
He picks up the phone and calls 999.
He can barely get the words "My daughter committed suicide" out of his mouth.

Your little sister stares at your dad.
Your dad hangs up and your little sister jumps into your dad's arms, crying harder than ever.
She's too young to understand completely, but she knows you're gone.

You're gone.
You're dead.
There is no going back.
Everything is over.

The cops finally arrive.
They push your dad and sister out of your room and sit them in the living room.
They take your body down off the ropes and lay you on the stretcher.
They cover your body and out you go... just like that.

You're gone.
You're dead.
There's no going back.

Nothing is the same.
Two weeks have passed,
Your mom still stares out the window more than half of the day.
Your little sister still hasn't returned to school.
Your dad is forced to go to work so he can pay all the bills for your wake and funeral.
Eventually, they found the strength to go into your room.

Your door hasn't been open for months.
The rope is still laying on the floor and the video camera is still sitting on the table.
They don't even dare to watch the video, it will never be seen.
They slowly pick up the rope and throw it in the garbage.
Chills run up their spine, your mom in tears.
They brush off your bed, making it neat.
Like they used to do every morning after you went to school.
Like they used to do.

Your bed was made and your room was clean.
They shut the door, and it remained shut.
Your school is still in distress.
You thought no one cared and you thought no one noticed you.

The girl that said no to being your lab partner,
She cuts every single night now because she thinks it's her fault you died.
The boy that tripped you by accident and didn't say sorry,
He's in suicidal therapy 5 days a week in a hospital.
Because he feels a smile could of saved your life and he didn't give that to you.
The teacher that was hard on you that day, she quit her job.
Because she felt she wasn't suited to teach anymore.

You're gone.
You're dead.
There's no going back.

4 years have passed.
Your little sister is now 15 years old.
She started a club in her school dedicated to you.
"Secrets" is what she calls it.
The club is formed for kids to speak their hearts, without anyone judging them.
They can say anything they want to, and talk about anything they needed to.
If they were suicidal, they always had someone.
That was your problem.

You didn't want to talk to anyone.
You had everything bottled up inside of you.
You acted as if you were the happiest kid on the planet and you had the perfect life.
You played that character so well that even you started to believe it.
You would be so "happy" and as soon as you layed in bed at night, the thoughts came back.
A little fight between you and your parents could have set you off.
But with everything inside of you bottled up for years, it hit your limits.

You're gone.
You're dead.
There's no going back.

Your room will never be occupied.
Your mom still cries every single night.
Your dad isn't as strong as he used to be.
Your little sister will never grow up with you by her side moving her in the right direction.
Your best friend is still torn up.
Your school now has a club dedicated to you so teens will not make the same mistake you did.
Your life was precious and you took it away in the blink of an eye.

All you needed was a smile, that's all you needed.
But since you're gone, just know people cared.
People always have cared.
You were just way too upset to see that.
You were just too caught up in the fact that you thought no one cared.
The truth was, more people cared about you that you ever thought they would.
Your town will never be the same.
A girl is gone, a special girl who thought no one cared.

Everyone cared, I promise you.
They care, they always have cared.
We loved you, and no matter what, we will still always love you.

Don't do it. You're worth more.
Once it's done, you're done.
You're dead.
There's no going back.

Monday, 7 May 2012


Slice, slice,
I feel the pain.
Slice, slice,
It feels like rain.

All wet,
All pouring,
All dripping
And roaring.

Slice, slice,
The thoughts go away.
Slice, slice,
To keep them at bay.

They swirl in my head,
Lay scattered about,
Like spiders in a web,
Not knowing the route.

Slice, slice,
In case they come back again.
Slice, slice,
They’ll go away when?

Yet another senseless poem

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I'm not good at poems.
Can I have that sandwich?

For Harry

Poet's note: For my dear friend who's experiencing problems in life. Thank you for being there with me when I needed you most, and now it's my turn. <3

Voices, voices, lying to you
Drown, they scream, in blood too
What can you do but to obey?
Down goes the knife, that's what they say.

Voices, voices, screaming at you
Hang, they yell, and slide the blade too
What can you do but to be convinced?
Hurtful words they carefully mince.

Voices, voices, shouting at you
What they shout you think is true.
You feel insanity trickling blood
Drowning you inside the flood

A hand pushes through the darkness
Reaching to you, the blinding brightness
Don't give up, a voice whispers
The light on your closed eyes kisses

I wish I could hug you throughout the night
Just so I can make sure that you're alright
You mean so much more than I could ever say
My life for you I would willingly pay

I wish I could let you cry on me
Crying's not a sin, it's meant to be
We're born vulnerable, to build hard shells
Only to be crushed inside dark dark hells.

You'll be alright, you'll be okay
I really promise, I truly say
I try to mend a broken mind
A broken heart takes a long long time

I can help, you need to trust me
I know you're real, no need to plea
Don't give up, I support you
Three words Harry, I love you.

Please don't say you can't go on
I know inside you're very strong
You can chase away the voices
With a little help from sideline choices

Goodnight, good luck, we'll hold till tomorrow
A step at a time, no need for the sorrow
We'll simply ignore those who just mock at us
In the end, what matters is all we ask --


Saturday, 5 May 2012


Is it all in my head
Is it all in my heart
Will you say the unsaid
Is this the end or the start

Will I ever un-see
What you did to me
My eyes are bloodshot
From the memory of the onslaught

Will I ever be able to
Leave the past behind
And move on to a brand new day

Even after all this time
Trusting’s not an option
All I see is no honesty
In anybody’s eyes

I see a world of loneliness
Spread in front of me
I see a world of nothingness
Telling me I just can’t be

Will I ever be able to
Leave the past behind
And move on to a brand new day

*this, and One Day, are songs (no tune - yet) that I wrote last summer :>

One Day

All my life, I waited for it
All my life, I saw it coming
All the time, I looked forward to it
I never dreamed it could be true

All my life, all the time
I looked down on everyone
But then he came and broke it all
Now I know what it’s like to fall

When I hit the ground
Collapse without a sound
Never wondering why
I started falling anyway

All my life, all the time
I looked down on everyone
But then he came and broke it all
Now I know what it’s like to fall

In a blink of an eye
You can fall but never die
And one day…
You’ll throw it all away

All my life, all the time
I looked down on everyone
But then he came and broke it all
Now I know what it’s like to fall

All my life, I waited for it
All my life, I saw it coming
All the time, I looked forward to it
I never dreamed it could be true

All my life, all the time
I looked down on everyone
But then he came and broke it all
Now I know what it’s like to fall

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Will you?

I'm falling, flying, drowning fast
Bodies around me, I'm the last
What's the best that you can do?
Are you going to watch me too?

Am I just entertainment for you?
Somewhere high above, a small dove coos.
The sign of freedom, love and peace
Oh the irony, the air I missed.

Will you save me from the blood?
From the tidal waves and the floods?
What's the worst that you can do?
Are you going to watch me too?

Depression,a cancerous tumor in me,
Waiting for the chance to set me free
Free from earthly and mortal pain
Blood drips like falling rain

Thoughts incoherent, and death combines
Time and actions never rewind
Words cannot be retracted, eaten or withdrawn
A final fight, the pallbearers mourn.

Will you pull me up from the deep?
The deathlike trance, the fatal sleep
Will you save me from the floods?
From tidal waves made of blood.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Not Long Now

Distance never seperates
Two hearts that really care
For when I close my eyes and dream
You always will be there

You're in my mind in every second
Every single day
Sometime soon we will
No longer be so far away

Running through scenarios
That might or might not be
Seeing you
Imagining your smile when you see me

A fire lights my heart
As I imagine us so close
To look into your eyes
Is what I want to do the most

But until then
I'll have to use my patience and hold in
The longing and the ache and love
That fill me to the brim

Sometime missing you is simply
Far too much to take
Dreams are all I have for now
But from dreams I awake

But soon we'll be together
In the flesh, not in a dream
It's not long now.
Not long now...