Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Freedom in the Sky

Author's note
Hey, guys! I haven't been keeping with stuff or writing much poetry... well, PUBLIC poetry xD 
Sorry about that!
This one's kind of short and sweet. It was inspired by the theme song to Firefly. [Uh, I WAS going to give a youtube link to it, but I don't  actually have sound on this computer, and it kept freezing so I gave up -_-]  By the way, for any who had not, check out Firefly. It's an excellent show, although it was unfortunately cancelled by some moron Fox dudes...


The wide, open land
The vast, tranquil sea
Just take my hand,
And we'll be free!

The glorious sky
It's ours, always
The land, the sea, may die
But the sky? Ours, always!

None can steal that open space
Freedom's ours permanently
But take my hand, just in case
And we shall soar incessantly!


  1. "Take me out, to the black, tell 'em I ain't coming back...burn the land and boil the sea...You can't take the sky from me..."

    An epic poem, an epic song, an epic show. I don't comment on all of your poetry here, but I DO like them, and I do read them. Well, i read most of them.