Sunday, 28 October 2012

Rant. Sorry.

Is nothing I do ever enough for you?
Such high expectations, of course I wouldn't be able to reach them.
What were you thinking, setting that bar so high??
I'm not as perfect as you make me out to be.

I might be bright and creative but that doesn't make me intelligent.
I'm failing all my tests, aren't I?
Well, failing by your standards; below 70%.

The thing is, I know I'm clever.
Always have, thanks to my parents constantly reminding me.

This all makes me feel so stupid!
What am I worth, if I'm not clever?
My entire self is based on the fact that I'm cleverer than most.
Is my entire self based on a lie?

I'm just pretty freaking pissed off at myself right now.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A promise

A love that won't die,
A lean-to or crutch,
A kiss on broken brows,
A lingering, soft touch.

The prophecy of complex life,
A promise of love.
To live, to breathe, to laugh.
A mouth, set to curve.

Hands, holding; hair, blowing
Tears wiped away.
A promise that won't break.
You'll soon be okay.

Your life is broken,
your soul, contrite;
But if I'm with you,
then everything's alright.

We can run away, live forever,
Finally, be happy.
Create lives that we want,
Dreams that come true.

Although I can't promise that
things won't be broken
But I swear that I will never leave.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


When the freezing night descends,
When crystal chandeliers dim and gray,
When darkness rains upon them,
The ghosts will dance and sway.

When the moonlight drifts below,
When wind moans and whispers foul,
When the forest call her beasts,
The werewolves roam and howl.

When the wizards walk the streets,
When the witches laugh and scream,
When monsters crawl and limp and creep,
Know, my friend, this night is Halloween.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Found This Quote, Had to Show You!

"Poetry is the province either of one who is naturally clever, or of one who is insane."
 Oh, Aristole. You know us too well.

Monday, 15 October 2012


To you, they're just a band.
They just play music.
They are a bunch of tattooed freaks.

But to me, they are the reason that I still breathe.
They are the only hope I have when everything has fallen apart.
They are the bright light in the otherwise pitch dark.
Their message, their music, their lyrics pick me up out of my hopelessness.
The fact they have accomplished their goals,
that they have over come much of what I have to suffer through...
Well, that makes me believe in a future.

To you, it may be stupid to cry when you see them live,
or when you meet them for the first time.

But for me, it's like coming face to face with the hero that saved my life.

Go ahead and look at me as an obsessed, crazed fan.
Tell me I'm fucking weird, that I need to get a life.
But they will always, always be my heroes.
They will always be the band that saved me.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Faces of Night and Day

The deep night doubt at dusk demands
    Its claim to time and twitch and trance;
    From soul's serenity it takes its stance,
Splintering the place of peace of plans;
Marring, scarring, molten ashes, masks melting 'way;
Grimacing, crying, heart-felt glaring, grin turning gray.

The time it takes til turn hath passed;
    Showing, sharing the face that squints and shies;
    Blistering, swearing the lips that lisp and lie.
Going strong- good as a dog- with each word gasped;
Shaking, hurting, proverbial howling, at the harvest of humanity;
Prodding, fracturing, frenzied panicking, at the frailest of fragility.

It takes its toll til dreams are trapped,
    Nagging and bragging through the night,
    Fearing and fleeing the coming light;
When riling by, the restless rest with knuckles rapped,
Sending, flying, relentlessly sighing, slipping from sobriety;
Drifting, wading, even disappearing, dangling from the Deity.

Until auburn waves amble awake,
    And the scarlet hope of dawn begins,
    Dismissing watery tears and fears within;
For the sacred masks don't slip for sake,
Showing, exciting, especially shining, free with words;
Breaking, escaping, eventually bantering, flying as 'prisoned birds.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A Silence

If only I knew what a silence could hold...
A silence, as is, not a part of a whole.
It could be many things, with context involved:

A secret witheld,

A lover's embrace,

A calm before storms.

A desparate flee,
From what you don't know,
And try to keep out.

The fear to speak out,
And say the unsaid,
Reaction unknown.

A hand on your mouth,
You want to scream out,
But no sound escapes.

But what is a silence, a stand alone term?
The lack of all sound, or perhaps, something more?
Maybe, each one defines it alone.

For me it means him,
To stare in his eyes,
With him staring back,
And then, my eyes close,
The silence - complete.