Sunday, 28 October 2012

Rant. Sorry.

Is nothing I do ever enough for you?
Such high expectations, of course I wouldn't be able to reach them.
What were you thinking, setting that bar so high??
I'm not as perfect as you make me out to be.

I might be bright and creative but that doesn't make me intelligent.
I'm failing all my tests, aren't I?
Well, failing by your standards; below 70%.

The thing is, I know I'm clever.
Always have, thanks to my parents constantly reminding me.

This all makes me feel so stupid!
What am I worth, if I'm not clever?
My entire self is based on the fact that I'm cleverer than most.
Is my entire self based on a lie?

I'm just pretty freaking pissed off at myself right now.

1 comment:

  1. *hugs Red tightly and never lets go*
    You rbrilliance is so far above those black and white tests and exams given by rigid schools. I have heard of even genius failing at education yet they are so much more then that. You too are so much more then a grade or percentage.
    Love you Red! You are lovely and brilliant. *is still hugging tightly*
    Love you sister!