Saturday, 8 December 2012

Not Applicable

I passed away on a Sunday
My parents didn't answer
When I called for help.
They were in church,
In their nice clothes,
Praying to God
About more important things.


  1. *hugs tight* Oh my gosh You don't know how much this relates to how I feel too.
    My parents are so busy playing christian yet when I need them they act more like I'm an unwanted roommate who is more of a unwlecomed stranger. (but they do say beautiful prayers. Too bad they don't mean them)
    *hugs tight*
    I want you to remember now, BB that we love you and care. I know it's not the same thing as what you need from parents or having friends who are there with you in person, but please hold onto hope and rememebr we do care. Don't give up sweetie.

  2. OH my lord... *hugs* this was really good, and deep. It's genius how you have put together so few words with the meaning of a million. It amazes me.... *hugs*