Sunday, 25 December 2011


Heartbeat flutters, fingers tremble
Eyelids wide apart
I don't quite know what I should do
Breathing's a good place to start

Understanding, recognition
Take time to sink in
But now they have and I'm ecstatic
Breathing's a place to begin

Smiling madly, laughing out loud
I've a reason to
Inspiration everlasting
Pretty much all thanks to you

Lovely Legolas

A masterpiece made by one Divine
With stardust, sparkling glitter, and happiness
Mixed with a heavy dose of pure love
Of beauty, grace, kindness, a dash of clever humor
A special girl was formed, a precious gift to the world

When the creation was finally finished
Out of the golden sunlight the girl did appear
Her name is Eva, splendid as a rare flower
Or sometimes Legolas so brave and noble
Befriended by unicorns she dined on rainbows

Roaming the earth she charmed the masses
Except for a few but they were asses
To those blessed few who were lucky enough
Fabulous hugs were given with gentle care
Friendships formed easily with this heart of gold

Legolas in lavender come dance with us
Spread your message of true love and equality
Never give up even when darkness descends
And the world seems cold, heartless, and dead
You are never alone beloved Legolas, my Eva so dear

Spread your wings and sing your songs
Be free and fly far above the blue heavens
Your brilliance outshines the sun, moon, and stars
Lighting up the darkness of ignorance and pain
Bringing hope, understanding, and compassion

Sparkling glitter follows your every move
As you dance on despite life's sorrows
Your strength is amazing, your wisdom is truth
Let me dance with you my beloved sister, my friend.
Together let us laugh once more our hearts lifted in freedom

Even sunglasses can not shield your brilliance
It shines like a beacon drawing like minded genius
Individuals that discover the treasure that is Legolas
Finding strength and loyalty that is sadly is so rare
But in our Eva our Legolas it is given in abundance

A kindred spirit at last you have found
Her name is Genesis, a blond goddess she is
Carefree, full of laughter, light as the air
She is the wind that will lift you up, carry you far
Wedding bells chime in joy with this magical union.

Thank you Legolas for your many gifts and talents
That you so generously share with us, your friends
More priceless then all the jewels on earth, more lovely too
You counted me as a sister for that I am grateful
May your faithfulness and loyalty be rewarded

May joy fill your heart and never depart
As Christmas lights compete with you but fail
For they will dim beside your brilliance
For you are a lovely sparkly fairy tale princess

Happy holidays to you
In this festive season
My beautiful Lego

Friday, 23 December 2011

The Royal Poets

Here she comes,
Her white dress flowing,
Her long veil blowing,
Her smile brighter than the sun.

There he stands,
His tux a prefect fit,
A glint in his eye,
Un-patient with anticipation.

A lift of the veil,
A smile of eyes,
A touch of hands,
A trade of rings.

Together forever,
To never be apart,
Are the Royal Poets,
Mr. and Mrs. Ambrosius.

With the warmth in her heart,
With the amazing smart.


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Jesus Amazing

O Holy Night!
Behold the glorious light!
The stars are brightly shining,
The beauty, entrancing, so binding
It is the night of the dear Savior's birth.
For the love of mankind, His children, had worth
Long lay the world in sin and error pining.
The Fall made pure forever declining
Till He appeared and the soul felt its worth.
Praise God for Jesus' birth!
A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices,
Raise your praising voices!
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.
Our Savior is born!
Fall on your knees! Oh, hear the angel voices!
Singing, praising, all of them rejoices!
O night divine, oh night when Christ was born;
The world, no longer need be forlorn
O night, O Holy Night , O night divine!
Held close to my heart, this precious night is mine
O night, O Holy Night , O night divine!

Glorious night divine!
Led by the light of faith serenely beaming,
A star, through the sky, was beautifully streaming
With glowing hearts by His cradle we stand.
To see this Babe, a gift, from God's hand
O'er the world the star is sweetly gleaming,
Hither ye wisemen, it seems to be deeming
Now come the wisemen from out of the Orient land.
Three gifts they have, so grand
The King of kings lay thus lowly manger;
Quietly gazing is He at loved ones, not danger
In all our trials born to be our friend.
Our broken souls, be willing, He mends
He knows our need, our weakness is no stranger,
That Babe laying sweetly in the manger
Behold your King! Before him lowly bend!
He can be your greatest friend
Behold your King! Before him lowly bend!
Truly He taught us to love one another,
His love for us spreads even further
His law is love and His gospel is peace.
From chains of hate He wishes to free us
Chains He shall break, for the slave is our brother.
The neighbor a friend, the servant our mother
And in his name all oppression shall cease.
All through the land spreads friendship and peace
Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise we,
Indebted to Him forever we'll be
With all our hearts we praise His holy name.
The world, oblivion, before He came
Christ is the Lord! Then ever, ever praise we,
His amazing love, you must, must see
His power and glory ever more proclaim!
Urchins and kings, all are the same
His power and glory ever more proclaim!

You, be willing, His child He names!

Monday, 19 December 2011

The Ho, Ho, Ho Man

Sat, I wait,
For the jolly man in red,
Some cookies as bait,
I decide to hide in bed.

I hear a bump,
And then a laugh,
There's his rump,
Or is it just half?

His wispy beard,
His big red hat,
I readied as he neared,
With my baseball bat.

"Ho, ho, ho!" he cried,
Before I jumped out,
And said, "You lied."

Then I let fire,
With my new gun,
And happily said,
"Ho, ho, ho, bitch."

Yes, it's true, I hate Santa.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Time Is Running Out

I realise the rhyming and syllables make no sense. Couldn't make it work otherwise.. ^^

Time is running out
I hope my words won't fail me
I'll say it, I must
Before I've missed my chance

My boundaries are failing
My arms flailing
I can't keep it in
But I fear I won't

So many 'what if?'s
So much confusion
So much inside me
That I must learn to show

If I won't tell
Things will stay the same
In this frozen, agonising state
So close, yet so far

If I do, it can go either way
Either my world will be blissful
Or stop in a moment of pain
That three words can shatter

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


A glow.
So faint, so small, so insignificant
It means nothing at all.

A flicker.
Morphing light and shadow into shapes
Yet hardly noticeable.

A spark.
Engulfing everything in light
But for a split second.

It catches!
A flame begins, it feels so glorious
The warmth and brightness.

A fire.
It feeds on sadness, anger and despair
Leaving good in it's wake.

It burns!
It's eaten all things good and it's still hungry
Consuming everything.

A shell.
It's all that's left.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

In My Happy Place

In my happy place, no parents or school
No sadness at all, no boundaries or rules
Yet all are moral, everyone are kind
In my happy place, happiness I'll find

Water and Fire will find harmony
The Earth and the Air will rejoice with glee
And Light will then shine, enveloping all
The suns in the sky are bright, warm and tall

In my happy place I will have the guts
To say what I want, no stammers and 'but's
And I will then say what needs to be said
With my heart racing, blood rushes to head

And what he answered I will never know
Because in this world, my feelings don't show
But I am happy in my special place
'Cause I'm there with you, a smile on my face

Monday, 12 December 2011

Not Yours To Take

The cup of happiness was not yours to take
But you thought you could sneak in and grab it
The Lord saw as He sees everything
A penalty you must pay but first
You must give the cup of happiness back
And what ever you drank
 It will be taken from you tenfold.

For as His people have said
You are sneaky, underhanded
So it must be concluded
That you are a most vile human of waste
Not to be neither trusted nor deserving
Of anything good that comes your way.

Your prayers will not be heard
God’s head will turn away
The proof that He does this
Is in the life you have lead

If He had heard you
Or thought your prayers deserve attention
Then you would not be in place
Where you are now
Being told to submit yourself to the ones over you
Who knows your heart but turns it into something ugly
And heaps words of wrath and chaos on your head
Words that cause anguish, torment, confusion
But it seems they are right
They always are after all.
Encouraging words and actions
Are given to them daily

Now you will be separated
From the ones who gave you
The longed for love
Empty and grieving you will wander alone
Away from the hand of the loving Father.
If he should glance at you
It will be with a hard expression
One that is displeased.
Be gone you vagabond
You human scum
Happiness and love
Were not meant for you

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Standing on the edge, looking out upon the darkness,
It seems to be the only path of light amid a sea of black,
One step, one step, one step, an echoing mantra, a despairing song,
Rocks slide as you shift closer to the edge, you know there's no other way,
A narrow path of light in the blackness, one way, one way, one way...out......

Jump, jump......jump..........................................

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Depression's an expression to express extreme emotions,
Feeling blue, depressed, you, decide not to take action,
And so, depression builds, you want it all to end,
You think of suicide, but by common sense abide, and do not take your life,
Think of happiness, and joy, not depressing circumstances, lose yourself in fancies,
Be happy, not depressed, lest you become, one with a touch of blue, who writes only to warn you,
Of depression, an expression, to define your deepest blue.

Monday, 28 November 2011

You are not alone

Poet's note: I haven't posted in a while, but that's mostly because I've abandoned poetry to my own blood. Now I know better, and I've fearfully picked the pen up again. But I hope my skills at poetry have not diminished. This is for the "Not Alone, All together" project, in which I have taken part. Enjoy.

Seems familiar?
You search uselessly for a way out.
Darkness boils within.
A bright angel, demolished.
Death beckons to you with a crooked finger.
The knife, it seems so tempting.
The gun, so innocent.
All it needs is a small movement of a suicidal muscle.
But stop.
There is hope in the darkness, a light,
The green exit sign entices you to a world of colour
From under his cowl, Death hisses in defiance.
But he can do no more than watch you go.
Pale hands steady your shaking feet
Walking out, tasting freedom so sweet
Ignore their teasing and raucous laughter
Your antagonistic reaction is what they're after
Shine your way out of fear
Hold on to hope that is so dear
Once you leave the monochrome behind
Happiness and colour is all you'll find
Five words, fallen angel, comes the voice from the phone
I cannot emphasize enough -- You are not alone.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Wayfaring Stranger

I wrote this in like, 30 minutes. So don't expect anything particularly impressive. I just felt like posting. Oh, and yes, it is named after the song :)

Wayfaring Stranger
Your face is burnt with age,
Your throat covered in stalagmites of sand,
The glisten of water in your eyes,
Lost in a desert of choice.

Grown old of waiting, have you?
Has the hurt withered your bones?
Strong once, brittle now,
You are long gone to the world.

Too scared to break hearts,
Where did that get you?
There’s no map down in this land
But you didn’t learn the routes.

There were many paths to take,
And many wonders to see.
But instead you only saw
This golden hell.

I feel pity for you,
Lonely and unfulfilled.
“If only, if only,”
You mutter everyday

You could have had something
But now you have nothing
And still can, but won’t.

Your fear rules you
As you learnt
Every action
Has a dire consequence

Stay in this place
With no words on your lips
No strength in your hands
You will always be weak

I’ll let you feel the roughness on your tongue
And taste the bitter aftertaste
As every time, you put them
Before you.

Monday, 21 November 2011

The Trial of the Thief in Black

"We've gathered here today," he said
"To hopefully chop off the head
"Of one so daringly conceited
"She seems so nice, but don't be cheated!

"Thief in Black, she calls herself,
"And fights 'for greater good'
"A jar of hearts stands on her shelf
"All she says is falsehood!"

The man who spoke stood fat and tall,
He faced the crowd, spoke lies to all
In order to convince them that
Beloved Kal was just a prat

The throng believed his every word
They jeered and 'boo'ed so loud
A bemused chuckle wasn't heard
From the lady in the crowd

A grandiose poster was unfolded
The Thief's shy smile was then beholded
By every person in the crowd
Who held chins high and solemnly vowed


Then suddenly, a blinding light
Made all the people freeze with fright
A group of people, standing tall
A man in purple adressed all:

"To say the Thief will die alone
"Is only your ignorance shown
"'Cause as you see, she has her share
"Of people who always love and care."

The lady who had laughed before
Laughed once again and her friends saw
The lovely lady in the crowd
Why, it was Kal, and off she bound

She joined her friends and hugged her love
Rain started pouring from above
They dissappeared in clouds of smoke
The crowd was left outside to choke

They landed in a grassy plain
The sun was shining down again
Over the big group of friends
To Kal, right then, they seemed godsends.

Saturday, 19 November 2011


<- Well, this is my drawing of Chan ^^

I used only photoshop for this, so no trees were cut down for this drawing.


My gang

I walked the streets, my friends behind me, strolling down the lane,
Pyro, Kal, Octa and Hellboy, Red and Venice Rain,
Aquila and Dragona too, join with me every one of you,
there's Skyril, Quinn, Krane, Niall and,
watch as more will join and band,
There's Everisse and Lenka here, as each one joins we laugh and cheer,
Vivianna Spark as well, oh so many more to tell,
Ayesha, NJ, Mar-Chu still, more must come, I'm sure they will,
Rubescent Sunshine, Nyx Dawn arrive, it just makes us feel more alive,
Gepard Valk, falls from the skies, to land among us with cheers and cries,
Our party is almost complete, there's one more person, we need to meet,
Down from the sky, a Golden God, with radiant eyes, on clouds he trod,
But then he took a mighty leap, and landed straight, not in a heap,
He stared at us and then we bowed, to Golden God, and shouted loud,
"Be welcome, here, O' Golden one, who shines far brighter than the sun,"
And on we went, into the sunlight, each one of us, shining as bright.

Friday, 18 November 2011


Soo... After many (failed) efforts of photoshop-painting, I decided to colour it by hand with pencils! I didn't have a skin-cloloured one, though....

...Octa's head is lopsided....


Horray! Better coloured version!!

And Octa's head is no longer lopsided!


Yay, two versions!!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Thief In Black Vrs.The Purple Poet

Once more donning on a face and mask
The thief in black set out on her next task
Lurking mysteriously in the shadows
Locating her target, the Poet in Purple

Sitting back with a book of poetry
While enjoying a sweet cherry beverage
On the back patio of his purple house
Our innocent hero, Octaboona so dear

So immersed was he in the story
He had no clue as to his immediate fate
Not even when the thief’s plan went awry
When mistakenly she hurdled into a pricker bush.

Back out she vaulted like a cat on fire
Unsuccessfully stifling a scream of pain
Covered in head to toe with fashion of quills
Trying to maintain a threatening disposition

AHA! She shouted and pointed with flair
To the poet who looked up in calm bemusement
His perplexity grew as she sprang forward
Then tripped and fell as her trousers dropped down

Landing at his feet she tried
To cover up her bare backside
From curious eyes who got a view
Of the thief in her partial birthday suit

Discreetly the dear Poet turned aside
As the thief mumbled and shuffled away
You stay here, she gruffly demanded
I’ll be back for you, that I can I promise

Curious now, Octaboona shrugged his shoulders
Awaited the dark thief to return with more trousers
Eyebrows shot up when the thief did appear
Wearing a cast off tablecloth, smiley faces on it.

Now I’ve got you! You can’t escape from me!
The thief shouted with villainous glee
Ran up to the dear gentle Purple Poet
Threw him over her shoulder, mighty as thunder

Or at least that is what she tried to do
Instead she slipped on a cast off peel
Of a banana that was eaten earlier that day
By Octaboona who loved the yellow fruit.

Silently watching this strange spectacle
Of the thief in black landing hard with a smack
Spread eagled against the brick of his fence
He wondered how much it would take to fix that

Taking just a few moments to stand and to recover
The thief looked around quickly with fanatical eyes
For something to kidnap the dear Purple Poet with
He being too tall to spirit away on her small slender frame

There! She found it leaning against the wall
Of the tiny tool shed behind the poet’s abode
A wheelbarrow painted red and quite sturdy
Would do the trick nicely of stealing this boy

But when she went to go put the poor boy in
Top heavy she tipped over and fell into the bin
Loosened from its secure location, the wheelbarrow
Went rolling backwards down the steep hill.

Her screams of distress could be heard
By all those who lived in the next county
Echoing on through vale, hill, and mountain
Then the thief’s perilous journey ended abruptly

As the wheelbarrow broke against the curb
And came to a sudden frightening stop,
The thief in black became like a bullet
As she whizzed through the air, a lovely dark blur

A few others saw this strange projectile
Musing about this mysterious occurrence
Among the crowd, holding hands
Stood our lovely Ven and her handsome Niall

Landing spread eagle in the mud of a pig sty
The thief in black breathed out a shaky prayer
Grateful to be alive, unaware of her growing audience
Or the pale pink pigs who eyed her balefully

Ruefully she stood up and turned halfheartedly around
Shrieking in panic when a cluster of spectators she found
Oh what a sight the dark thief did give, dripping in mud
No one could decipher what was under, a human or a monster?

Wandering in leisurely Octaboona joined the assembly
Wondering what had happened to his uninvited guest
Joining his noble delightful friends, Ven and Niall
His eyes widening incredulous as he spotted the thief in black

I know that person! He exclaimed out in excitement
Underneath that mud is an individual dressed mostly in black
Who acted most curious, tried to take me from my residence here
At this Veniall twitched as recognition dawned in an advantage clear

But for the rest of the throng who stood there
A fury sprang up at the degenerate thief
Who would dare try to steal this treasure from them
The Purple Poet they all loved and held in high esteem

GET HIM! The mob cried out in command
And so ensued the great spectacle
Of the chase that followed the thief in black
All around the town, country and back

As more people joined the mob, the multitude grew
Distressed the thief sought to take cover in shadowy places
But each time was found by someone with excellent sight
So the misfortunate thief once more was forced to take flight

Sweet Octaboona sighed while rolling his eyes
As he was left standing there suddenly alone
The sounds of the great chase drifted to his ears
Reminding him of why the quiet he adored

Whistling while strolling with purposeful aim
Off Octaboona set to reclaim his thief in black
Time to set things right before more disasters took place
But first to the florists to buy purple roses

Ven and Niall with a mission so clear
Along with Lizzy and Skyril comrades dear
Went along with Octaboona’s clever plan
To put a stop to the Thief in Black’s anguish

In a deserted alleyway they found her
Ven and Niall with a hose in their hand
Silly Dark Thief will you never learn?
Said Venice while shaking her head, astonished

Without another word they sprayed the mud off
With the power of the long water hose
Now the mask concealing did wash away
Revealing the sheepish expression upon a pale face

Then scolding slightly Veniall took her away
To meet up with Lizzy and Skyril in a boutique
Together the tree girls with Niall waiting outside
Transformed the roguish thief into a blushing maiden

A short time after a lovely vision appeared
Upswept black curls and a gown, lavender and silver
Adorned the one who once was the Thief in Black
Satisfied the friends led her to her beloved Purple Poet

Passing along the way, the multitude still chasing
The thief in black, they were sure they were gaining
Led by the mischievous one from the land down under
Hellboy grinned, his part in this caper a success

Never knowing the girl in the splendid gown that night
Was in fact the one they sought with all their might
But for Mar and Thalia, they didn’t care
Screaming with joy they waved their pans in the air

Safely the four friends gave the girl over to her love
Then discretely leaving, their job there was done
Amazed the sight that harebrained girl just gawked
At the dazzling display of flowers lights and candles

Smiling softly the Purple Poet walked over
Bent over in a bow and gently took her hand
A tender kiss he placed there, then rising
Took her in his arms and just held her for a while

My dear girl, why all this fuss and bother?
He calmly asked the love of his life
All I wanted was my beloved purple poet!
She responded tearfully, her head in his shoulder

To be by my side forever, she continued to say
Nothing taking you away from my arms
Where I could always protect you
And keep you safe from all harm

I am here now and forever will be
He responded to his foolish lady
All you needed to do was simply ask
There I would be, by your side forevermore

Finally at peace the thief once in black
Smiled happily as music began to play
Together they danced the night away
The Purple Poet won, the thief was gone

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Joy of Life

A whispered lie, a silver blade
The deed is done, the man is slayed
And she escapes, not one sound made;
'Tis the way of the assassin

A glint of sunlight caught his eye
A rustle of some leaves nearby
An arrow in the air does fly;
'Tis the way of the huntsman

A frightened ghasp rings through the night
A child awakes, he sweats with fright
He wipes his tears, turns on the light;
'Tis the way of nightmares

A page filled all up to the brim
A story, poem, song or hymn
Are thing a writer takes pride in;
'Tis the joy of life

Monday, 14 November 2011

Hear ye, hear ye! (Ok, I was really stuck for a title).

I bet you can guess who this one's dedicated to! 

Ok, I know this is pretty bad. Well, some sections especially. But it's the thought that counts, right?

Down by the riverside,
Beneath a blossomed tree,
Sat a beautiful princess,
Laughing merrily.
One could believe that she understood
How joyous life could be.

She was a true princess
Not by marriage or birth, but heart,
She had a smile brighter than 1000 suns
And although in books she mayn’t be smart
Her charm and grace took their place
Within her peoples hearts.

Her prince, he was a tyrant,
Their love was sweet but short.
And he was blacked out of the family tree
But she- far sadder than she’d thought,
As he left to marry another
Woman that he sought.

But the good people helped her,
And things started to get better.
New love began to flower-
A lady and a professor,
And another left a girl,
Who certainly was much lesser.

The said ‘another’ came to court,
A gentle smile in hand,
He said, “I am the poet
Known throughout this land.
I should like to see the princess,”
He said in a voice so grand.

They took him to her chamber,
Where she sat in a man’s uniform.
“I am guarding my heart,” she said, she said,
“Protecting it from harm.”
And so, she rose and looked at him,
Cold and strong and calm.

Boldly, without a smile she stood,
But this was not what he could see,
“I hope you know, my darling,
That your heart would be safe with me.”
And so he leaned in, and kissed her,
Softly, gently.

She looked into his eyes,
And not another word she said,
But he knew, and how he knew,
What lay inside her head.
Her heart was always his,
Always will and always had.

And love was this and this it was,
Of patience, trust and hope,
And my two friends, the lovers,
I pray they do not elope.
For we do wish to see them,
And how they smile and how they cope.

The world is such, a mystery,
Where love falls in and out,
But only the most beautiful,
Is where ‘you’ is what it’s about-
I heard that love is selfless, 
And kind and good throughout.

And although I don’t see it,
Perhaps one day I will,
But now I can watch the lovers,
My poet and my girl,
My lady and my professor,
And many more as well.

And I end this with a message
Of two engagements, and thus two rings,
They shall be married by the riverside,
Where the blossoms do flower so pink.
And I shall be there to see them,
And of their happiness I will sing. 

Please tell me that poem just made sense... (I'm sorry! My inner editor hasn't died yet!)

Friday, 11 November 2011

Does nothing

Every breath that enters
Feels like it just sits in my lungs
And does nothing
For fun.

Thinking of you
Drives me insane
And causes me to write a love poem
That, I think, is lame.

Last time this happened
I was unhappy with the end
So I think we should just remain

You’ll probably never read this poem
But if by some amazing consequence you do
(and know that this is for you)
Don’t think less of me.

The Birthday Caper

*This is not a poem, I know. But this is a story for Pyro and I wanted it to be oh HIS blog.
Pyro! This one is just for you!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND!

The winds of November swept a cold chill through the sleepy town nipping at the figure of a lone boy. To the mortal eye he appeared like many young teenage boys. Perhaps a bit more distinctive then the others but still nothing out of the ordinary. But for the passing wizard, they saw him for what he was. Even in the magical world, his gifts and appearance were far from ordinary. Tall and thin he had fire for hair. The flames were constant movement of flickering colors. Yet none of the flames ever hurt him.
He was known as Pyro-Dawn Tyromant. The few people he trusted he considered friends. To them only did he ever speak too and allowed them to call him Pyro.
A sound behind him caused him to pause along the dirt pathway. Was that a police siren? Turning he saw in the distance a motorcycle heading his way. Fast. Something about it made him do a double take and he groaned. It was Kallista Pendragon. He could sense it. He facepalmed when he saw what was following her. A whole squadron of police cars with their lights flashing and sirens blazing gave chase.
Sighing he sadly said goodbye to his peace and quiet. It was no use running. She always found him and always brought trouble . Always.
As she drew closer he could see the gleeful expression on her face. It was clear she was having the time of her life. The weirdest things always made her happy. He could not understand it.
Pulling up beside him in a cloud of dust she had just enough time to yank him up behind her, not waiting for his greeting. Then she roared off again guiding the bike in her usual haphazard fashion. Most people would scream in utter terror being a passenger but Pyro took it all in stride.
“So what did you do this time Kal?” He asked somewhat bored.
“Take the handles for a minute.” She shouted back ignoring his question.
Puzzled he did as she asked. Then he was astonished (but should not have been) when she twisted around to give him a hug. In the middle of a chase. With police cars. Lots of police cars.
“It’s so great to see you!” She gushed happily. “I’m so glad I found you!”
“Yeah, me too.” He mumbled, wishing someone could rescue him from Kallie.
She turned back around and took control again. Turning a corner sharply they headed in another direction, the cop cars close behind.
“Do you know where we are going?”
She didn’t appear to care so Pyro dropped it. Instead they sped along the country side and he turned his gaze towards it, imagining what it would be like to be there right now, on that farm instead of on the back of a bike with a girl who drove crazily.
“Oh no.”
“What do you mean oh no.” He asked somewhat alarmed.
“We are coming to the end of the rode.” She answered, gritting her teeth.
“Of course we are.” He cast his eyes to heaven in exasperation.
“OK Pyro! Get ready to fight! We will have to face them!” She shouted dramatically.
Was that some melodramatic music she was humming? He shook his head incredulous and began to speak.
“I’m not going to fight anyone! I don’t do anything wro-”
He was cut off as she skid the bike to a stop and leapt off it. He followed suit landing in a crouch a little behind her. Whirling around she drew up a little of her elemental magic to make the wind blow her hair back for special effect and struck a fierce pose as she faced the countless cop cars screeching to a halt. That is until all the cops stepped out of the vehicles taking position behind their car doors with all guns drawn and pointed it at her.
Shrieking, she dashed to stand behind Pyro.
He stood for a moment bewildered then did a double take as Kallista held up her iphone and took a picture of him.
In the background he could hear the police shouting their usual jargon but all he could
do was stare at his friend wondering if she had butterflies for brains and if they all flew away.
“Hmm..?” She answered distracted as she concentrated on her iphone.
“You just took my picture at a really inappropriate time.”
“It’s for Facebook.” She responded still preoccupied.
“But I don’t have Facebook!” He practically shouted.
She looked up then, her face turning from one who has been caught at something sneaky to shifty. “Umm….Right!”
Shaking his head he turned back and considered his options. There was really only one choice. He could not fight them. They were only mere mortals after all, policemen who helped to keep the law.
Growling he yanked Kallista up and summoned his power to create the meteor around them. In a flash they would gone leaving some very puzzled and freaked out policemen behind.
He didn’t really guide the sphere but let it go in any random direction. Kal pressed against the side of the golden surface of the sphere a wild frightened look in her eyes. Her breath came out in little panicked gasps. Rolling his eyes he turned and waited to land.
When they did land Kallista scrambled away.
“LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!” She cried in relief as she hugged and kissed the ground.
Then she noticed a hoof of an animal in front of her face. Slowly she raised her eyes to look into the face of a raging bull.
Pyro heard her scream as he walked towards the electric fence, a chocolate candy bar in his hands.
A moment later she staggered towards him and reached for the fence.
“I wouldn’t…” He began, but stopped when he saw it was too late.
Kallista let out an odd sort of strangled noise and made even more peculiar jerky movements as bolt after bolt of electricity entered her body.
Wow! That candy bar was delicious! He thought to himself pleasantly surprised.
He noticed a moment later that the electricity seemed to be done with Kallista as she staggered back to her feet. The bulls noticed too and once more begin to chase her.
Kallista ran by screaming and waving her hands wildly in the air.
I wonder what kind of chocolate this is, he thought as he looked at the candy wrapper. It had a fancy wrapping.
Kallista ran by screaming crazily again. The bulls followed and snorted after. Down she went and became part of the ground as the bulls trampled on her.
Oh! It was one of those specialty chocolates. He gave a little laugh. No wonder it was so good!
Kallista was moaning now as she was being dragged across the ground, the one bull having snagged the bottom of her jeans with its horn.
Suddenly she was free and racing towards him with her eyes wide in fright. Dropping before him on her knees she begged him. “Oh please Pyro! Can you take us to Elysium Manor?”
He wished he could take a bit longer to enjoy the moment but the bulls were charging again, heading for Kallista. It would have been funny except he was next to her this time.
Once again he drew up his power and surrounded them with its sphere. In a flash they were gone leaving the bulls behind. Kallista leaned gasping against the side of the meteor.
“Oh! You look terrible, Kallista.” He winced as he looked at her.
Instead of responding she just stared beyond him uncomprehending.
This time he directed the meteor towards Elysium Manor hoping to drop Kal off there, the sooner the better.
Moments later they arrived and landed just outside the ornate gates of the large beautiful mansion.
Shrugging his shoulders Pyro walked through the open gates towards the mansion. Since he was there he might as well grab some food. Kallista scrambled after him but before she could pass through, the gates closed and shut her out.
“Hey! Let me in!” She called out. “Pyro? Wait!”
But Pyro was already entering into the grand foyer.
Out stepped Lucky Jack from behind the giant pillar that the gate was attached too.
Kallista’s eyes followed Lucky’s movements warily.
“You want in?” She asked Kallista coyly.
“Of course I want in!” Kallista responded indignant.
“Well, then” Lucky drawled out, clearly enjoying this. “You will have to do the magic dance.”
“Awww, COME OOOOON!” Kallista wailed.
She sighed frustrated but could see Lucky would not be moved. So finally after a few moments she gave in and begin to do the chicken dance.
Pyro stepped into the expansive elaborate entry way and looked around. No one was around which was surprising. Shrugging he walked on towards the kitchen. Halfway there he paused as he herd a noise. Remembering the fiasco that befell him last time he moved cautiously towards the closed double doors with his twin swords ready. Then with a sudden movement he flung open th e doors and…

In front of him stood all his friends wearing party hats and grinning widely.


“Wow! I don’t know what to say ! “ He responded grinning back and but his weapons away.
“You have to wear your party hat!” Mar sang as she leapt forward with a party hat in hand.
“MAR! WAIT!” A chorus of people rang out. But it was too late.
The festive hat was placed on his head and instantly went up in smoke.
“Oh well.” Mar said after a moment, then brightened. “TIME FOR CAKE!”
Pyro glanced in awe around the room which was decorated with colorful streamers and balloons.. Everyone was singing the Happy Birthday song and sounding quite good too. He did a double take when he noticed Kallista’s face mooshed against the window from the outside. She mouthed something to him and breathed on the window then wrote on it. Let me in, was the simple message except she spelled even those simple words wrong so it read, Lit mee ni. Sighing he unlatched the window and moved away so she could enter.
“Happy birthday my friend.” She gushed happily, and he let her hug him even though she smelled like bull.
“Hey Kallista!” Leo called to her. “What took you so long? You were suppose to bring him by an hour ago!”
Pyro narrowed his eyes at her. So that was what this had been about!
“Kallista picked up some friends along the way.” He answered for her dryly. “ I am curious though as to HOW you managed to get all those police men angry at you.”
“Police men?” Skyril wrinkled her brow.
Everyone looked to Kallista who turned a bright shade of red.
“Well….er….I uh….um…..saw these cops just sitting there looking bored while eating donuts.” She spoke slowly while looking everywhere except at anybody else. “So I sorta mooned them. One thing led to another and soon I had everyone chasing me!”
Once again Kallista wore a happy pleased expression convinced she had made their day. A whole room full of people rolled their eyes then their attention turned back to Pyro and his birthday.
Israel walked in from the kitchen carrying the tripled layer cake followed by Octaboona as everyone sang another round of the birthday song. Pyro looked happily at the cake when he noticed one of the candles had gone out.
“I can fix this! “ Kallista burst out then darted forward.
She pulled out the candle then held the wick over Pyro’s head until it caught fire. Then quickly she put it back.
Pyro glared at her before turning to his cake.
Quickly he made a wish and wondered if this year it would come true. In the corner piled high against the wall were dozens and dozens of presents all for him. But they could wait. For now it was cake time and time spent with friends.
Someone, he was sure it was Chan, put his violin in his hand and he begin to play the most beautiful music anybody had ever heard. Long into the night everyone laughed and partied as they celebrated a beloved friend on this very special day.
It was the best birthday he could ever remember having. He knew from then on every birthday following would be just as grand and fun as this one for this was his home an d everyone here loved him.


*hugs Pyro*

My present to Pyro

From the sky, a star did fall, with blinding light, it silenced all,
It fell to earth, in all its glory, for aeons we will tell the story,
On entry, it broke up and burned, but to a shining form we turned,
The figure of a golden child, its features strange, its hair all wild,
A trail of fire, in its wake, as it walked, the ground did shake,
The boy walked on, the crowd amazed, his unruly hair, continued to blaze,
Until he came to one old mage, who blinked at the heat but kept his gaze,
He put his finger to the brow, of the child, who somehow,
began to grow, and brighten still, and he kept growing up until,
The mage broke contact, the light grew dimmer, but still the heat made the air shimmer,
Then from the crowd, stepped forth a group, a varied, different and colourful troupe,
They welcomed him with open arms, and he was dazzled by their charms,
he smiled and then, began to grin, at each new friend, who greeted him,
He laughed a laugh, that  sent a shower, of fiery lights, that burned for hours,
up and up they soared and spun, twinkled and dimmed, one by one,
The sorcerer, took him home, and brought him up, as if his own,
The boy grew older, until one day, the mages came back, with something to say,


Happy birthday Pyro, hope you like the poem!


Queenly Rainbow Farts

There once was a girl
Who was really a queen
Who had a strange power
And wielded it with vigor
She chased everyone around
with a wicked gleam in her eye
A villainous sound in her laugh
And called herself beautiful.

From behind the girl
Came a sparkling substance
That resembled a rainbow
And smelled like a rose garden.

Terrified her friends whimpered
Desperately they tried to flee
Some even jumped out a window
Lucky it was on the first floor.

Come back I will get you!
She screamed in fiendish delight
Shaking her fist crazily
To the doomed ones shaking in fright

Tormented and vexed
Her friends cried in despair.
Who will save us from this terror
This strange rainbow power?

Then comes the Purple Poet
The one who will save them
From the cruel mischief of a queen
And the rosy stench of the sparkly rainbow.

With words made up from magic
And woven into pure poetry
The dear poet aproached her
With his words he spellbound her.

Leading her away
Just like the Pied Piper
Into an  happy land
Filled with puppies and kittens

Now everyone lives
Happily ever after
The Purple Poet
Is hailed a hero

A statue is raised high
In his noble honor
For saving the SP gang
From the queenly rainbow farts

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Happy Birthday Pyro!!

Happy birthday, Lord of Flame
Humorous and bright
You burn and bring a smile to all
A friend, a hope, a light

Good company you always are
And surely'll always be
Your funny words, your roll of eyes
Make me laugh with glee

You're a brilliant, delightful friend
I think I speak for all
Happy birthday, Lord of Flame
From me, Red Waterfall

PS: there actually is a cat haunting my room! o.0
And I'm posting it on your b-day in Israel Time :D

Veniall Vrs. The Thief in Black

There they sit at a small table
Lined with white linen
Two lit candles resting on top
Glowing orbs illuminating faces

Gorgeous Venice and her handsome Niall
Gaze deeply into each others dewy eyes
A violin plays a melody softly
On this starry filled balmy night

There is a whisper on the breeze
As two beating hearts become one
Someone nearby lurks in the shadows
Surveying intently with crazy but beautiful eyes

Out leaps a slender figure
Shrouded in a flowing black cape
Several steps taken
And the thief is there

The Lady Ven is stolen
Ripped from dear Niall’s arms
Tossed carefully over a shoulder
Out runs the dark kidnapper

Laughter rings out wickedly
From the mouth of this captor
Quickly turns to crazy shriek
When she sees brave Niall following after

Unhand that girl, our noble hero cries
Geoffrey! Fetch me my fighting trousers
Tonight I fight a most villainous creature
Tonight I duel, for my love she was taken

Sassy Venice, lovely and chic
Dressed in a gown of alluring red
Though stylish and classy
No kidnapper she dreads

A swift uppercut to the chin
With skill it strikes home
In a stagger the thief losses balance
But when force to contend, Ven gives pause

For she sees her kidnapper
With recognizing eyes
The mischievous glance
Of one not wise

A friend before her
A lover behind
Dear Ven fears this night
Will end in comedic disaster

Fear not, my beloved sister
Whispers the thief in a dramatic fashion
I know what I’m doing, be still and listen
With gratitude you will thank me after

Before Ven can interject wisdom
To the imprudent one so rash,
She finds herself once again tossed
Over the shoulder of the thief in black.

Just in time and out of reach
Of the grasping hand of a furious Niall
Nimbly leaps the thief aboard a tiny boat
Just off the dock of Sunset Bay

Come back here you filthy swine
Niall calls out as he shakes his manly fist
Face me like a man, give me back my love
Not deterred he follows after, in a boat of his own

Sitting calmly in the stern
Dainty wrists bound up in daisy chains
Ven awaited her fate trying hard
Not to roll her eyes at the thief’s clumsy rowing

But for Niall he rowed hard after
Swiftly did his little boat fly over the water
Eyes fixed ahead on his beloved Ven
She was his prize, the goal that he sought

Just as the first boat reached the island
The second came up along side
Leaping in a flying tackle,
In the air Niall and thief collided

For the first time that starry filled night
The dark thief pondered her actions
As she faced the point of a steel blade
And the hard face of one so fierce

Up from the mud she leapt
Into a flight away from the blade
Stepping on the end of a rake, she did herself in
Landing backwards in the sand

Resting a heavy boot on the back
Of the prone figure of the dark thief
Niall gave one last thanks to the rake
For striking the thief right between the eyes

Then rushing to the side of his Love
He knelt beside her in the sand
Breaking the flimsy bonds of daisies
Tenderly gathering her in his arms once more

Vowing most valiantly
In his gentlemanly fashion
Never to let any harm
Come to his lady so dear.

Back to the mainland they all left
With the thief made to row
Under the stern watchful eye
Of the dashing hero, Niall

While the two lovers cuddled
The thief dared not make a sound
For one thrashing was enough
To last a lifetime and more.

But a secret smile lighted her lips
For what she wanted did happen
Sneaking another glance at the couple
Only did confirm what was in her heart

Someday soon not so far away
The thief would be made an aunt
With little Venletts running around
A proud papa beaming nearby

A story would go around
To listening ears filled with awe
Of the great and noble day
Their father saved their mother

Held high in esteem and in respect
His legend, her beauty, their story
Would pass down generation to generation
Inspiring greatness in the heritage of Veniall

Two black eyes were a small price to pay
Soon they would be bluish purple
At this she brightened
And thought of another, a poet

Once again throwing caution to the wind
As she rowed with muscles aching
Another scheme rash and half baked
Begin to form in her chaotic mind

But how this scheme turns out
Is for another time my dear friends
Perhaps next week or the one after that
Stay tuned for the tale of the thief in black

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Niall and Venice

It all started with a single glance
Across the rows of treasured books
A glance turned into a linger
A linger into a knowing smile

For the red haired beauty
And the dark haired boy
A spark flamed up in their hearts
Soul mates had found each other.

It is a glorious thing to see
When two kindred spirits unite
For Ven and Niall it was natural
Like the flowing of the ocean tide

It came to no great surprise
For the gentleman from Ireland
To find that his lady so lovely
Was as intelligent as she was charming.

Taking her elegant hand in his
He gladly showed her around
Together they poured over ancient texts
Marveling at all the wonders.

He found that she was the perfect fit
As she rested in him strong arms
After a long splendid night together
In a comfortable beloved library.

Someday we too will have
A bookstore of our own
Said he to his Lady Ven
And to this she heartily agreed

With all sorts of magnificent books
From antique to Skullduggery Pleasant
A fireplace with some comfy plush chairs
A bar for delicious confections

A place of wonder and beauty
Yet relaxed and convivial
There our love will continue to grow
And blossom with each precious moment

As the minutes turned into hours
And the hours turned into days
Their dreams continued to soar
Among the heavens with love divine

Friends both near and far
Celebrated this most excellent union
Of two precious dearly loved souls
One day would be one under Heaven

But for now we close the book
And leave the young lovers alone
With a knowing wink we go
We all will have wedding cake later.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Defiance by Hellboy

Why doesn't life run with me? Why does it always drag me the other way?

I try to write
But I cannot
For comes a time that my confusion
And frustration
Join together and sit,
Weighing me down
Daring me to write.
I defy you, malignant being,
Foul, bottomless feeling of failure.
For I will write forever more,
And there's naught you can do about it.
Not pain,
Nor confusion,
Nor sorrow,
Nor anger,
Nor any kind of frustration
Will hold me ransom and steal away my light.
Because I have more to live for
Than be a servant to your will.

"This I choose to do. If there is a price, this I choose to pay. If it is my death, then I choose to die. Where this takes me, there I choose to go. I choose. This I choose to do."

I have posted this with the permission of Hellboy.

Saturday, 5 November 2011


Screams and cries come tumbling out
As I am bullied by the ones,
Who I have foolishly opened my heart too
And trusted with a childlike innocence

Their wills come crushing down
Upon my tender vulnerable soul
They see that I want to please
So they twist it to have happen what they desire

MERCY I cry but to no avail
Stony eyed and cold they ignore my plea.
So now from the depths of my soul
My screams come out lost and broken

Weary now I can do no more
Just lie here dying on the floor
Having moved beyond all caring
Hoping to finally find peace in the ever after
Hello all!
I am writing a story in chapters. It's not a fanfic, just something I randomly thought of and started to write. I would really really like it if any of you read what I have so far :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Ode to Octalista

A girl so kind, a boy so wise,
Amongst emerald grass and purple skies,
They stare into each other's eyes,
The perfect, perfect couple.

When they're together angels sing,
The girl presents him with a ring,
The diamond in it, dazzling,
The very best proposal.

Now down the aisle, dressed in white,
There comes Kallista, quite a sight,
Her beauty shines, a blinding light,
Pefection half completed.

She's greeted by the groom and he,
Is wonderfully good company,
They dance with joy and laugh with glee,
As man and wife, forever.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Dragona and Aquila

This is a belated wedding present for Aquila and Dragona. I am sorry to the both of you for the lateness. It is something I had planed for a long time but suffered from a bad case of writer's block.
Now it's done and just to remind you. I am a beginner  and even if  the poetry is bad, know I did it with all my heart. :)

Across the vast landscape
Comes a sleek footed cat.
With powerful muscles
Beneath her lovely brown striped fur.

Joyfully she leaps and pounces
Then suddenly she becomes a fox.
Darting here and there
Alert of her surroundings.

Up to the sky she looks with longing
So shedding her fur for feathers
Expanding her wings, she takes flight
Soaring and hovering, dancing with the wind.

Along comes a gray dragon
With powerful wings
He sees the young eagle
And joins in her dance.

Together they twirl and soar
Silhouetted against the blue sky
Majestic, bold, and powerful
Legend meets nature in a beautiful twist.

A sudden storm ascends swiftly
Blowing the eagle right out of the sky
Quickly the noble dragon acts
Sheltering the eagle with his mighty wings.

Gracefully he descends with the eagle safeguarded
Once on the ground another transformation begins
Where once was an eagle and a dragon
Now stands a young girl and a young man.

For a moment time stands still
As they gaze at each other
Each one with love kindling
Deep in their hearts.

Lovely maiden I must have your name
Says the young man in a passionate voice
Aquila, she answers in a sweet shy whisper
Then says he, I am Dragona, King of the skies.

Dancing despite the fury of the wind
Among the glade filled with trees
Which stand like honor guards, tall and splendid
Bowing their stately green heads to the king and queen.

Vowing to love and protect her forever
The young dragon stays close beside her
And she with loyalty so rare
Shows him the secret strength of a woman’s power.

Together they now rule
Both earth and the sky
Dancing and laughing
And loving each other.

If you dear reader wish to see what love is,
Look to the skies above or to the earth below
Whether dragon, eagle or human
The legend of their love will bloom forever.