Saturday, 17 September 2011

To my death I go

The executioner holds my arm,
Guides me to the scaffold,
As I walk I feel a sense of calm,
To my death I go.

I slowly walk the path of shame,
I'm pelted by the laughing peasants,
They throw at me without aim,
To my death I go.

I climp the steps, the gibbot waits,
A voice in my head, the word of the fates,
"This is not how it ends, you know,"
And To my death I go.

The hangman's noose around my neck,
Out of my eye I wipe a speck,
I realise now, I'm crying, my death approaches,
Forward thrusted, throat constricting,
Upwards lifting, angels guide me away,
I leave my death behind...


  1. *sobs then leaps forward and saves Chan at teh last minute*

    *kicks the hangman for ever trying to hurt so epica a person*

    BRILLIANT Chan! Your poetry is wonderful! I love it!
    I hope you and the others onhere will publish your poems! I have decided I'm going to own a cafe/bookstore and I will call it the Purple Poet!
    Your works MUST be part of my inventory! I will feature them ALWAYS!
    Now get busy and PUBLISH THEM!


    Don't forget to add a part inthe ending of this poem where the angel who saves you is ME!