Friday, 16 September 2011


At the end of time, a shadow stands,
Waiting for our death, the grim reaper sharpens his scythe and rubs his bony hands.

Our deaths are faited, we all must die,
But we still resist, we kick and cry.

The world goes round, we soon forget,
The ones who died aeons ago, and yet.

One person CAN make a difference,
One person can save a life,
One person can change the world,
Prevent dispair and strife.

But all together, we stand strong,
When one of us sings, we all sing along.
We can band together, to help those in need,
But to our virtue, Death pays no heed.
To death we are insignificant,
Specks of dust on the face of the earth,
For death truly is omnipotent,
We're dead men from our birth...

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