Friday, 16 September 2011

Forsaken Tears

Soft blue eyes that turn up to the sky
Try to keep back the tears, just try.
But no matter what you do to keep them,
They always trickle onto your trembling hands.
Pale and soaked through with blood,
Heart as bitter as a cow’s cud
Lines of red that run from your hair
With a stained vision you taste the air
The beautiful moon is red in your vision
Forsaken tears drop to oblivion
Everything would get harder from here,
But keep trying to live without fear.
You’re running out of places to hide
And every single time you confide
You’re nothing but an empty shell
Mindlessly you tripped and fell
Feeling no pain from your wounds
Silently, submissively, you never could
Revolt against the terrible force,
Suppressing you like earth on a corpse
Breathing heavily, panting breathlessly,
Running, running, running endlessly.
Finally you fall into an abyss
A huge wide canyon, not a crevice,
And you feel endless relief as you fall to your death
Your heart stops, an end to your breath
Suddenly you frown, the feeling familiar
The loud shouting, “You are inferior!”
You open your eyes, no longer in dark.
You see the ceiling, the colour of bark.
Sweat trickles down your trembling forehead
You sit up; you’re only on your bed.
The tormenting starts once again,
Whimpering and hiding from the hard cane.

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