Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Poet's Note: I have absolutely no idea why I'm posting this- it's absolute rubbish. But for some reason, I think we all need it. So once you get past how cliché it is, and how awful the wording is, I hope you manage to gather some meaning out of it.


Let me see something in the darkness
The flicker of the candlelight
I pray for it to never stray from my sight
I pray for the light to never waver

Let me take my candle and shine it
Not just for myself
But let me light the candles of my friends,
And enemies and strangers too.

Let me fill the world with our quivering lights
Some burn strong and bright
Some are frail and weak
But together they glow in sheer brilliance.

Let me prevent the inevitable
Of a candle being extinguished
By snide, isolation and false truth.
Let these victims see and share my light.

Let me hold my candle high
For all to see
I pray that you see my candle.
I pray that you share it’s light.


  1. Hey, this isn't rubbish! It's really good, actually! I quite liked it :D
    I'm really glad you posted :]

  2. *cries* How can ou say this is rubbish? It's so touchign and beautiful! It is brilliant written by a beautiful brilliant poet!
    Ths is so wonderful. It warms my soul!
    Thansk you for posting this!