Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The world is mine

If I turned evil and took over the world I would probably say/sing this...

This puny world, this horde of souls,
Uncleansed by death, shall take its toll,
You stupid, weakling people
I'll kill you and I'll keep all,
The treasures of your world for my,
Own pleasure and in my minds eye,
To see the world I've laid waste to,
I'll crush every last one of you!
Beneath my boots you'll fall,
To end as dust before all,
You mortals never learn that,
I will destroy the world at,
my leisure,
I'll take pleasure,
from your puny screams,
That punctuate my dreams,
and make me laugh with joy,
For you will I destroy!
The world will meet with disaster,
You will learn that I'm your master,
You'll die and I'll,
Look as you cry,
And crush you if you defy,
me, as I look at the blood-red sky,
As the world sinks to hell,
The funeral bells will knell,
I'll drag you screaming to tartarus,
But still you scream, "G-d save us!"
With death's scythe slick with blood,
you'll fall to the ground with a thud,
As you have truly died,
My hate is satisfied,


  1. *screams from beneath Chan's feet* You are still adorable! ;)
    AWESOME poem Chan! Very chilling and epicly evil!
    I won't let you go that way though! You can't be evil! Not allowed. I will noogie it out of you!

  2. ~shivers~
    That was horrifying!
    I hope you never turn evil and take over the world :P
    But seriously, your poems flows so perfectly. Epica.