Tuesday, 13 September 2011


A girl lay asleep
With a peaceful face
But far underneath
There lay a dark place
Crawling and creeping
In the girl who was sleeping

At first it was a beach
A beautiful beach
But then came the monster
That horrible monster

It crashed like lightening
It killed and ate
It was terribly frightening

The girl screamed and ran
She ran and ran
She came upon a building
A very tall building
She plunged through the door
And crashed upon the floor
And there before her eyes
Were train tracks long and wide
They wound down the tunnel,
A deep, dark, never ending tunnel

The girl gasped and gazed
She heard the train
And was amazed
But her leg spiked with pain
She was on the tracks
The train was coming

She ran as best she could,
Her leg agonized
She leaped to the side
She leaped onto some stairs
The train flew by
A rumble of thunder

The girl stood for a second
Her hair whipping past
But the door behind her beckoned
She ran through at last

She stumbled in awe
She looked down from the balcony
The beach spread far below
The monster there rampaging

But something else caught her eye
A flicker to the right
A man in black gazed up a the sky
He stood with her

He looked at her
Seemed to only just notice
He smiled, stepping close
He kissed her

In a daze her blue eyes opened
A creature, not a man stood before her
She screamed and backed away
She didn't know what to say

An evil grin on his face
He took a step towards her
She balked and leaped,
Leaped from the balcony

She was falling
Falling towards the ground
Falling towards the monster
Falling, falling
Falling to death

A ringing echoed to her
It sang like a lure

The girl in her bedroom
Her eyes popped open
With a moan her hand reached out
Slapping the alarm clock

A school day ahead
She got up slowly
She'd rather stay in bed

The night's terrors forgotten


  1. WHOA! I LOVE THIS! I never get over at how incredible your poetry is!
    You know, I had a dream like this. :P

    A bit different here and tehre. Was no guy in it with kissing. Pity. ;P

    Well done Skyril! Love your poems!

  2. wowzers...love that first stanza. The whole creepy crawly thing under a beautiful face is uber powerful and awesome.

  3. EPICA. *shivers*

    *is not going to sleep tonight*

    *stares under the bed for monsters*