Saturday, 3 September 2011


Bright, a halo around that dark head.
Bright, how can something so beautiful be dead?
Soft, the wings that flit and flutter.
Soft, how can those wings melt like butter?
Deep down inside you you know who you are.
Shout it out loud and those thoughts will run far.
Believe in yourself and never let it die.
For if you you do the whole world will cry.
Snap out of it! the poem I write,
is for you and you alone in this night.
Creatures of darkness will flee by your light,
and let it out! It represents your might.
Is your heart torn to shreds?
We'll put it back, no need to fret.
We'll restore your love within you,
Respect, integrity, everything too.
a paper will not hold a fire.
Instead, make music with your beautiful lyre.


  1. I am moved to tears bt your compassion and love for my my friend. *hugs her*
    I love your poems so much and these last two have blessed me greatly!
    Thank you so much!