Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The devil's soul

(Poet's note: In case anyone thinks this is a spoiler for Death Bringer, it is NOT. I repeat, it is NOT. I haven't read the damn thing, so how could I release spoilers?)

Through the darkness, through the night
Running, running from the light
The wind’s whisper snatches away
The ends of your coat rapidly fray.
Time speeds on and skin colour fades
From healthy pink to tasteless beige.
Conspiracies around the corner
A random shrine to god it honours
Skid past corners and continue running
Past doors and smiling faces cunning
A joker’s smile spreads across your lips
And through the running, run past ships
Down the dock and to the sea
Shouting, shouting, “Remember me.”
Jumping down to the dark abyss
Then you sense something amiss
In your reflection you see something
A villain’s chill, a murderous instinct
And your reflection spreads a smile.
An intense charisma, an evil file.
Hands burst out of waves and grab you down
Water closes over you and you almost drown.
Pushing up you no longer feel her grip
But the hem of your shirt is awfully ripped
Small price, you think, get out of the water.
Who knew your life would end shorter.
The devil’s soul, your other half
Is now walking your destiny’s path
Hated and killed, the story unknown,
And spreading blood dark water has shown.
Going under, hair floats past your face
Falling forever at a jetlag’s pace
Blood leaks from your broken chest,
A bullet hole in your murdered vest.
The shrieking sound of a scraping bowl
Your reflection, the devil’s soul.