Monday, 5 September 2011

The Doctor

Author's note
WARNING possible spoilers between seasons 1-5 of Doctor Who

The Doctor,
A man of myth,
A man of wonder
He appears forewith
Like a clash of thunder

The Doctor,
He appears from the blue
He appears in his TARDIS
He saves the planet, then yells "Adieu!"
He saves the world when all's amiss,
Then disappears again

The Doctor,
Never thanked
Never noticed
That's the way he likes it,
But for the times he's lonely, that is

The Doctor,
With Rose by his side,
Falling in love,
Joined his adventures,
Wide eyed,
To travel the skies above!
He's happy.

The Doctor,
He feels great fear
How are they here?
His age old enemy is so near

The Doctor,
Saved by Rose,
Savior of Rose,
The heart of the TARDIS returned,
He must regenerate

The Doctor,
His face has changed
His voice, exchanged
"What sort of man am I?"
No second chances.
He's that sort of a man

The Doctor,
He faces them again
The Daleks
Those evil Daleks
Why won't they die?
But he has a plan
He is clever
He is sly

The Doctor,
He never said those words,
Those few, simple words,
"I love you...,"
And now she's gone.
Rose is gone .
Impossible to reach,
Worlds away,
Weeping on that lonely beach

The Doctor,
Although alone,
His fire still burns
To the future he's flown
Adventure he yearns
He shouts, "Allons-y!"
Fantastic, don't you agree?

The Doctor,
A new friend has joined him,
To journey through space and time
Though he's still grim,
He must go on!
Is that a crime?

The Doctor,
He's not the last
There's just one more
One more from Galafray
One more from home
The Master

The Doctor,
The last once more
The Master is dead
Gone, lost in the war
Simply a figment of lore

The Doctor,
He's left his companion at home
After the battle with one of his own
He travels on as always
Pretending he's just fine

The Doctor,
With an old acquaintance,
Laughing on their adventures,
Forgetting the past,
Having fun,
But it's not to last
Dark times are coming

The Doctor,
A complicated mess
A duplicate, although human
He's left with that long lost love,
And off the Time Lord travels,
Off to a companion's home
There, he leaves her,
Precious memories gone

The Doctor,
In misery, travels off once more,
Off to five different places,
Alone for good, he swore
Alas, his time is short
He'll change again

The Doctor,
He visits his friends,
This one last time
As his world ends,
He prepares himself

The Doctor,
He wants to stay the same
He doesn't want to die...
All alone he cried
As regeneration came

The Doctor,
A new man born.
He meets a lass.
He gives her a grin.
He disappears
And reappears.
Too bad it's so much later!

The Doctor,
Traveling with Amy,
Traveling with Rory,
They have Pandorica's Box
They need a very large bang!

The Doctor,
His only hope in one
One who was just married
One who doesn't recall
Wait, yes, she does after all!
How could she have forgotten?
Come back, Doctor, come back!

The Doctor,
He has returned
With a happy grin,
And off they go with a little spin!
Traveling time and space,
The Doctor and the newlyweds
Fantastic adventure awaits!

The Doctor,
Always there in the background
Always saving the world
Hardly known by the universe
The last of the Time Lords of Galafray
May he be truly thanked one day


  1. FTW GENIUS Skyril!!!
    This is remarkable! I have never been fortunate enough to seen this. But I was touched by what I read and felt a bond with the docter. This is EPICA Skyril!
    You have su ch an extrodinary talent!
    I love t his!
    Thanks for posting!

  2. :-D Sweet summation! And aw, you like Rose?

  3. Epic poem Skyril!!!

    Really sums up the entire few series of DW!