Sunday, 4 September 2011


This one is for Kallista.

Slowly, slowly, they flake to the ground.
Off the poor girl whose eyes are dark brown.
She understands the Queen's horrible pain,
She knows she can throw it in one terrible feint.
She is willing to do it.
But the Queen, she'd throw a fit.
Believing in yourself is the first step to do.
After that, the steps come and coo.
It's up to you to decide your fate,
But if you still believe that it's too late,
This girl, she'll help you up,
She understands without even a What's Up.
So please, let the poor girl help you,
After which, she'll vanish in shadows too.
she'll help you fix the pieces of your world,
Help you let your glory uncurl.
Shine out, dear angel, shine bright,
And everyone will be awed by your light.
She is willing to take the risk and help too.
Are you?

1 comment:

  1. *hugs BB and does not let goe*
    What would I do with out you? I would not survive long.
    For me, all my friends are my angels, my light.
    Thank you for writing another epica poem! I'm blown away by your magnificent talent!