Monday, 31 October 2011

The Sight

Today, my friends, we reunite
It's been so long since I've seen light
Of bright, warm day or moon-lit night
Today, my friends, we reunite

Tonight, my foes, we start the fight
The blood, and gore, and rage, and might
Will fill the battlefield with fright
Tonight, my foes, we start the fight

Tomorrow is a brand new day
Those daydreams just won't go away
And when I'm summoned to their call
With them to the ground I fall

For daydreams aren't just in my mind
I can see, the rest are blind
To events not happened yet
Events that I can not forget

The dark and cold and horrid prison
Was a sentence I'd been given
I'll escape and start it all
The battle in which I will fall

Monday, 17 October 2011


Lost in a world of shadows and despair,
The stink of terror is strong in the air,
No sense of time or sight or touch,
With only the screaming, you don't know much,
A great inky chasm, a giant dark plain,
Filled with sorrow and grief to drive you insane,
An inhuman cry splits the air,
A spine-chilling scream raises your hair,
A moment of silence, the whispers have ceased,
The air becomes stiller, as we wait for the beast,
A massive horned figure, haunting the mind,
Destroying the souls of any it finds,
Waiting for those still with hope to give up,
It drinks from their souls as if from a cup,
An empty shell is all that's left,
A dusty casket - a broken chest.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Legend of Lizzy

The Legend of Lizzy

With a clever gleam in her eye
A secret smile on her lips
A pink rifle in her arms
Lizzy comes walking into our midst.

A leader unparalleled
She guides with conviction
With a style all her own
And a kickass tactic.

Sometimes coy, sweeter then honey
she dances in circles around the unwary
wrapped in a cloak of cleverness
inviting friends to join into her game.

Spicy as a hot tamale
Life with Lizzy is never dreary
Full of vivacity and full of color
Life with Lizzy is like a fiesta.

Some days you will find her there
Over yonder in a field of green
With her trusty rifle, The Pink
Always hitting her mark with ease.

Other days the brilliance shines
As new works of art are fashioned
A drawing, a story, or a new piece of clothing
All are extraordinary, done by the hand of a Master.

A strong friend in times of trial
she comforts, hugs and cheers
Never turning away from a sister in need
Honor bound and loyal, more precious then gold.

Spicy and sweet, she is our Lizzy
A treasure rare and delightful
Come one! Come all and share
in the celebration of a life most perfect.

LIZZY! You are a legend and we salute you!
Happy birthday my dear friend!
I pray that you will have a year full of good health, happiness, and wonderful things!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

You're Not Sorry

Hear the clock count down?
I'm done waiting for apologies
I've sat waiting here too long
Even time has it's boundaries
I see you're never coming back
I'm not complaining, surely
But just in case you're running late
I'll wind the hands a few months early

Before you called me and said we're through
Before I was happy just being with you
Before we kissed, before I smiled
Before you were the only thing on my mind
Before all that, I'll be there, waiting
For one, sole word

Monday, 10 October 2011

War of the Heart

Steel blue eyes lock gazes
with the soft blue ones of a fragile girl.
Standing tall before her
is the military woman of might.
Beautiful in a masculine way,
she more gentlemanly then any other can be
except to the girl who now stands before her.
You are no longer wanted.
You are no longer needed.
Hush now and disappear.
The beauty of the fragile girl fades
 underneath the cascade of tears.
Buy why must I leave?
Why can’t I be loved too?
You gave your heart
to one who proved false.
His promises broken,
just like our soul.
Now you are no longer even
given the honor of second place
like the one who took your position.
He who once spoke tenderly to you
now spares you not even a glance when you fall.
No one will protect you.
Now leave before we both die!
Anguished screams of loss
erupts from the fragile child
 as she turns to flee
down long corridors filled
with shadows and memories.
The military woman turns her back
just like everyone else.
The girl’s fate is set. Forever lost,
 in a world of loss and dark.
She will never be found.
It is better this way.
The military woman says softly.
We almost died because of her.
Now the heart belongs to me only.
No man will claim it so easily next time.
No man of weakness
will approach me as I am now.
Only one of purple has the means
To unite the fragile girl
and military woman once more.
But for now the girl is lost in tears
And the woman with might rules
With a heart that is now hard and guarded.

Friday, 7 October 2011


Guys, you gotta listen,
This is what I need,
It's what I want,
It's what will cure me.

You see, my life is terrible,
The pain and the hurt,
This make it go away,
This makes it all right.

It's my decision,
Please leave it be,
Hate me if you must,
I can deal with it.

I need to smoke,
It cures me,
Helps me relax,
Helps me smile.

Ode to Boredom / Snnapobith

Sitting, waiting, for something to happen
Not expecting anything special
No stress, no fear, no temptation
Anything not boring will certainly be blissful
Perhaps a fairy-tale Prince on his White Horse
Or an evil Witch that threatens to kill
Both will do, neither will suffice
I will look back on my prayers with remorse
Though my wishes fulfilled will be a thrill
Having them be will bear a price

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Me, Myself and I

Am I better off dead
Than in this hell, in this war
Between Me, Myself and I
Raging on forevermore

Should I listen to my heart
Where lies are softly spoken
With softness, caressing remorse
My soul left not be broken

Or perhaps the answer's in the mind
Where cold, hard truths are shouted,
Maybe there I'll find the answer
And trust, it won't be doubted

A bitter war, no end in sight
Between me, and heart, and mind
A loss of one is the only way
I can possibly decide

Place of Sorrow

Enter the door, my dear, my dear
Where broken dreams lie
And crushed hopes die
And wither, and crumble
In silent demise

A sorrowful place, my dear, my dear,
Where broken hearts sigh
And empty promises fly
Flitting here, flitting there
Like little lost birds

We can't help them, my dear, my dear
In this place of tears
Of seconds and years
I will enter the door
My dear, my dear

You broke my heart, my dear, my dear
I must stay
And hope, and pray
For my heart still burns
For only you

Stay with me, please, my dear, my dear
My mind knows true
But my heart loves you
Though I know it will never
Be whole again

So enter the door with me, my dear
Enter the door

Some Things in Life

Some Things in Life

Lost in a maze of puzzles and thoughts
Where something was but now is not
Faiths, beliefs are tested often
Love is lost and ideals soften

Colors blend and mix and change
but somehow views have stayed the same
We should see blue, and white, and red
but we just see black and white instead

Friendships always are evolving
just as the world keeps revolving
Happiness and love make up a life
just as much as turmoil and strife

Hearts can open and they can close
Melt like candy when offered a rose
Freeze like ice when they're ignored
and shatter like glass when love is no more

But we know that children will cry
it is inevitable that the elders will die
We can't predict when we'll feel pain
but at least some things in life will always remain

Elliot Strainge

For a first I decided to post a fun poem I wrote a year ago. Hope you like it.

Gentlemen and ladies
This one’s for the babies
It’s Elliot the Strange
He’s looking for your change
He had to awake
As t’was for his sake
The rent wasn’t paid
The rules weren’t laid

His landlord made a threat
On which Strange did bet
Strange looked for his luck
Found love in a truck
Realised it was lust
But she had a nice bust.
Sam was her name
Her title was dame.

The two did wed
Made love in his bed
The landlord came in
And committed the sin
Of barging in a room
And he was then doomed
Because the sock was on the door
Not on the floor.

That night on that bed
Dame Sam to Strange said
“I think we’ve conceived”
Strange did quickly leave
And found himself here
Where he wants you to hear
The Tragedy of Mr. Elliot Strange
Who hasn’t gone insane.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Writer Of Sadness

Ah, I see it again,
That lonesome trail in which I walk,
It comes and goes,
But it always comes back.

It's a life, I suppose,
A very dreary one,
A very sad one,
A very bad one.

You could say, sometimes,
I hate it, I do,
But it's all I've got,
All I'll ever have.

Sadness can be good too,
At certain times,
Like when writing,
It brims my mind.

So, I guess,
It's not that bad,
Apart from the mockery,
Ridicule and hatred.

I'll get over it,
Every teenager does,
Just I'm a tad dramatic,
What writer isn't?


Across the sky in a blaze of glory
a brilliant girl outraces a star.
Laughter on her lips, a twinkle in lovely eyes.
Here comes Skyril, dancing into our midst.

She brings with her the scent of freedom
mixed with a heavy dose of jubilation.
From ruby lips peculiar wondrous words
pour out like a crystal clear fountain.

Like a splash of cool refreshing water,
her friendship heals the burdens
of an old broken soul, crushed beyond all caring
restoring it to something of hope, beautiful and of value.

POKELICIOUS is her favorite greeting
making spirits rise.
Together with the ones who adore her
She led our imaginations into new heights.

Ideas like a burning flame
would spring up in her splendid mind.
Growing, flaming into a genius explosion
pointing others down the path of a dream.

Because of this one bright star, our Skyril.
We all gain strength together.
To mold our craft, improve and delight
Encouraging us to better.

Till the day our dreams become a reality
She will be there to push and to lead us on.
And one day we will be rewarded
with our work finally recognized.

But our true dream was always there.
Having a jewel for a friend. Yes, Skyril is her name.
A comrade that is true and lives life with passion
Engaging others to unite in the bright spirit of friendship.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


I never belonged in this world.
Pain, screaming, flesh uncurl.
To say I’m morbid is just wrong,
Perfection is but the world’s song.
And when you’re in it, you’ll sing too.
Counting slowly, one, two.
It starts with the eyes, I think.
Mine are dull, sad, my heart sinks.
At first you feel nothing but diced.
But hey, perfection has a price.
Blood mixes with tears
You will be perfect, allay your fears.
Lips, two, luscious and red,
Lying in a tight dress, on your bed.
Walk past mannequins in shop windows,
Your love has reached an all time low.
Rain that patters on the rooftops
Dresses that outline bodies in shops.
Slit wrists, scars that never heal
Sad, sad, scabs that peel,
A heart, tendons that shatter
Nothing in the world has ever mattered.
I’m a freak, nothing more,
Blood and tears drop to the floor.
Now as I ascend to a higher place,
Where people don’t see the scars that mark my face
Label me as morbid, emo, whatever.
I don’t care for tangible matter.
Sweet blood that lies on my tongue
Adrenaline that hardens the blood to my lung.
Tears that wash my face, that salty dew,
Too many in between, in far too few.