Thursday, 6 October 2011

Elliot Strainge

For a first I decided to post a fun poem I wrote a year ago. Hope you like it.

Gentlemen and ladies
This one’s for the babies
It’s Elliot the Strange
He’s looking for your change
He had to awake
As t’was for his sake
The rent wasn’t paid
The rules weren’t laid

His landlord made a threat
On which Strange did bet
Strange looked for his luck
Found love in a truck
Realised it was lust
But she had a nice bust.
Sam was her name
Her title was dame.

The two did wed
Made love in his bed
The landlord came in
And committed the sin
Of barging in a room
And he was then doomed
Because the sock was on the door
Not on the floor.

That night on that bed
Dame Sam to Strange said
“I think we’ve conceived”
Strange did quickly leave
And found himself here
Where he wants you to hear
The Tragedy of Mr. Elliot Strange
Who hasn’t gone insane.


  1. Love the poem Jumentous Macromancy of Bubonalgia...

    I need to find a shorter version to easily call you.

    Like Steve.

    Just as good a read as it was a year ago...

    Just to let you all know Steve is one of my IRL friends from school.

  2. *blinks*

    I am confused.

    The poem doesn't confuse me, no. It's your name. I think the poem is awesome. But your name is so long......

  3. Thanks Thalia.

    If you want to call me by a shorter name I suppose Steve is acceptably awesome enough.

    @Octaboona Have a good fast

  4. LOL I love this poem! :D Its EPICA! I'm so glad you posted this! do have a long name. A very cool long name.
    *walks around his name and pokes it with a stick*
    Maybe we can call you Mac, a nickname taken from the second name. Big Mac! Or Mighty Mac!
    Or just Steve. That's a good name too! :)